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It is often said that the effective work of an organization depends on its employees. We have a team of HR specialists who use proper recruitment procedures to choose the best applicants to work for us. As a result, our team consists of skilled, highly-motivated, resourceful and creative individuals who make a great effort to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the custom writing industry and apply them to provide exceptional services and flawless essay papers. Our writing experts use as many sources as necessary to give ypur paper credibility. They apply their vast knowledge when researching your subject matter and writing about it.


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Our team of writers is made up of professionally qualified and talented individuals who are specialists in many different academic disciplines. Virtually all of them hold a Master's degree at minimum in Arts, Literature, English Language, Science, Politics, etc. Each strives to create an exclusive essay or term paper for you by using the latest sources. They always cite different types of papers correctly and strictly follow your instructions. Each custom paper is carefully checked for plagiarism by using a sophisticated plagiarism detection system before it is sent to the customer. 

Jamie, one of the first writers who joined us, talks about her experience:

Questioner: When did you start working for

Jamie: I began working for when the company was first started.

Q: What made you choose writing as your career?

J: I decided to become a writer some years ago whilst doing my Philosophy degree. Then, I took a diploma in journalism. Effectively, my pastime became my career and I love it.

Q: Are there any specific factors that help you be a real expert in your field?

J: I always take a positive approach to the assignment given to me. I am reliable and always get work completed on time.

Q: You worked for other writing companies before you joined us. Do we differ from them?

J: To be truthful, I think the way the work is allocated to specialists is really good. Every writer receives assignments only in the areas he/she has selected during the application process. Furthermore, I have the option of refusing to carry out a particular assignment if I feel that I am not skilled enough to complete it successfully. Then, that assignment is given to a more qualified writer.

Q: Changing from teaching to writing seems like a significant career shift. What made you take such a considerable step?

J: To those who know me, it did not come as a bombshell. I always had a strong desire for writing. Such a step opened up a lot of opportunities. Thus, I have been able to make a professional career of my pastime.

The following is an extract from an interview with Marcia, who works as a writer in our company:

Questioner: Do you think that writing custom papers is a challenging work?

Marcia: I greatly enjoy writing and I am dedicated to my job. When I start doing an assignment, you can be sure that the end product will be a perfectly written piece formatted properly accroding to the chosen style.

Q: As a writer having a lot of experience, can you share any tips on what constitutes effective writing?

M: An essential factor is to be knowledgeable about the subject matter before you begin doing a project. I think that it is challenging and I take time to read about current affairs and controversial matters before I start writing a paper.

Q: Do you find writing tedious at times, especially if it is repetitive work?

M: No, not me! If I need to examine one and the same subject for a few times, I look at it from new angles each time. It may sound odd but even if a similar paper is written numerous times, it can appear different every time.

Q: Do you feel that students do not learn a lot when they get their essays ready-made?

M: I do not believe that is the case. I would not do this job if I had any ethical reservations about this issue. On the contrary, I feel that students can broaden their knowledge by getting a well-written paper. It will help them gain more profound understanding of the topic. Moreover, they can save time, which can be devoted to studies.

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