Here, we offer a word of advice that may help you select the right writing  service: offers essay writing help you can't beat. The following chart shows some problems you are likely to face if you choose a custom writing company other than, and it describes what you should avoid.

Our Company

  1. Our online writing service is aligned with the highest quality standards established in academic circles, and we do our utmost to offer custom papers at reasonable prices.
  2. We have a customer services team available 24x7 for your convenience. Our representatives will answer all the queries you have.
  3. It is secure to make payments and financial transactions when using our website.
  4. We are proud to offer essay papers that are entirely free of plagiarism, typos and grammatical errors.
  5. We offer everyone to read numerous feedback left by our customers. We never edit clients' comments on our work.
  6. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Hence, we strive to meet all requirements and follow instructions provided by a customer. Additionally, all final papers are delivered within the agreed time frame.


  • Often, some of our rivals offer papers at excessively cheap prices to customers. As a result, quality is often compromised by employing ESL (English as a Second Language) writers. Frequently, these writers are not properly qualified to do academic assignments.
  • Some companies do not provide exact or any contact details. Therefore, if you have any queries or are worried about anything, there is no one on hand to respond to you.
  • In a bid to save money, many companies use merchant accounts that are not secure. As a result, financial details provided by a customer can be disclosed.
  • A lot of companies do not employ editorial staff, let alone a team. Again, to cut corners, they try to save money by employing unprofessional specialists. As a result, all papers you buy are likely to contain a huge number of grammatical errors and may be factually incorrect. The worst thing is that they may contain a high percentage of plagiarism. They may not meet academic standards and it is unacceptable in the academic environment.
  • In many cases, the agencies providing less professional writing services in our industry do not have enough or any satisfied customers. Hence, they leave comments in behalf of their clients. If customers are dissatisfied with their services and this is reflected in their testimonials, the latter are likely to be removed very quickly.
  • Many of our rivals do not provide guarantees for any aspect of their service and send papers back to their customers when the deadline has long passed.

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