500 Word Essay

The format of academic writing often requires the creation of a 500-word essay. Read this information to understand how many pages are in such works.

The number of pages, in this case, depends on the format of the essay. A pivotal factor here lies in the font size and spacing. For example, if you write a work using a single space, you will get about one page of text. If you select double-spacing, you will create a two-page essay.

A 500 Words Essay in MLA

MLA format often assumes the use of double-spacing, which means that there will be more pages in such a work than in other formats with the same number of words. Creating a 500-word paper in MLA style, you will get two pages of text.

Where 500 Word Essays Are Applied

A 500-word essay is a very convenient format. This volume is neither very small nor very large. However, this number of words is enough to describe some problem and ways to solve it in detail. Students of the humanities often have the task of creating a 500-word essay. For example, you can write such paper on linguistics, history, political science, law, and other subjects.

Text Structure

The structure of the text of such a volume does not differ from the structure of bigger papers. It usually contains three main parts (introduction, the body of the text, and conclusions). The main thing is that all elements of the paper should be logically interconnected. They must complement each other. The introduction and conclusions should be the smallest paragraphs in your essay, while the body of the text should be large and reflect the main essence of the problem.


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