Character Analysis Essay: Tips on Writing a Good One

A character analysis essay concentrates on the personality of this particular character, looking at how his actions, attitudes, and impulses play a role in the conflict. If you are assigned to produce a character analysis essay, you must have a clear understanding of this character. Get deep into the author’s plot style. Tell how this character is acting in the book. You should tell everything about his or her role in the book.

How to Start

Even if you have already read the story, you should read it one more time before you start writing your essay. It is important so you can refresh it in mind. It will also help you notice new details. Keep in mind that even the simplest characters often show new angles of their appearance when you reread the book.

When you are producing a character analysis essay, you can use the following tips to write a good piece:

  • Pay attention to descriptive tools which are used in the book.
  • Identify the kind of relationships between the character you are describing and other characters.
  • List the character’s actions, which move the whole story ahead.

Writing an Outline

An outline is very important in writing any kind of essay. Some students ignore this part of writing as it requires extra time, which could be spent on working on the draft immediately. However, an outline is the key to proper organization. So, if you want to succeed with your essay, take some time to write an outline.

It is necessary to take notes and highlight important moments while reading the book. You will need them later when writing quotes in your essay. You have to analyze your notes thoroughly and write short pieces of the description of the character during the reading. This description can be included in the essay.

Introductory Paragraph

The introduction of your essay has to be short and striking. You should not begin the description of your character with numerous details. Just provide a clear and simple presentation and explain why this character’s role in the book is important. The introductory paragraph has to hook the reader from the very beginning.

The Body of the Essay

In the main body paragraphs, you have to provide the character’s analysis. Divide the body into several sections for the description of every significant feature and provide each with supportive evidence.

Here are several questions you can consider when creating an analysis of the character:

  • Describe his/her appearance, behavior and background.
  • Describe the character’s main conflicts and their solutions.
  • Explain which lesson this character gives to the reader.

Concluding Paragraph

The conclusion of a character analysis essay has to provide a brief summary of the entire paper and its purpose. Make sure it holds all the ideas of your paper. Provide a clear statement. Ensure your conclusion is convincing.

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In conclusion, it can be said that writing a character analysis essay is not too complicated task. However, it requires much time as you have to read the whole book first.


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