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Dark Side of Internet

Internet has become the way people live. It is no more a means of communication, entertainment source, or working area – it is the entire world that some people are addicted to. Despite so many good sides and advantages, the Internet, unfortunately, provides too much tempting offers that can harm both moral and even physical part of your life. Do not think it is so scary, of course no – it is even worse. So, here are the main reasons to call the Internet the most horrible human invention.

Why the Internet Should not Have Been Invented


The same as alcohol and drug addiction, computer and partially Internet addiction became a huge problem in nowadays society. Now, not only should the older ones attend a doctor, but, unfortunately, kids as well. Online computer games, useless videos, constant chatting make a kid’s life deprived of reality. If not to notice this horrible syndrome of addiction in time, consequences can be really pity.


Even though the Internet is considered to be the largest source of all the possible information, more than half of it is fake, rumored, or perverted. As the Internet appeared, people found a way to make easy money and thus started to invent different news to attract users. Even though experienced people already know how to distinguish fake facts, there are still a lot of people who refer to Internet help and then regret doing it.


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Mental Hazard

Inexperienced parents often show kids the vast world of the Internet to spend less time with them and make them calm. Sure, a child will be aware of technological peculiarities, but there is a small issue, not considered by parents – freedom. Various cruelties and pornography await anybody who will step away from the safe path. Children’s curiosity will definitely make him surf the Internet pages, created not for them. Be aware of that and do not let your child wander around the Internet alone.


Bad people sit on their sofas and rob banks every day, so what can stop them from interfering in your life. The less time you spend online, the smaller chance there is so get hacked. Do not leave any private information on dangerous websites and avoid chatting with suspicious people. You are the only one who can protect your surroundings. Privacy online is of the utmost importance, so you should protect your identity with all the possible means.


As some people make easy money, the other ones suffer and earn almost nothing. This concerns the Internet content. Almost every second film, track, book, and magazine is stolen and presented on sites illegally. Authors, compositors, actors, and writers are really disappointed because of such dishonest spreading of their works. Unfortunately, little can be done to stop such piracy and that depends only on people. You can either continue watching stolen media or try to stop it and start buying only licensed products in order to support the people who put their efforts into making you feel satisfied. Do not support piracy – be a conscious user.


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