Demonstration Speech

Demonstration speech is a public presentation, the author of which demonstrates some phenomena or processes explaining their essence to the audience. In other words, this is a kind of master class from an expert. A pivotal factor in this type of statement is the content of the speech. Good text allows you to attract and keep the attention of the public. If you just show some process (for example, cooking), people will quickly get bored, so you definitely need to supplement this demonstration with relevant additions and good humor.

How to Make Your Demonstration Speech


First, you need to interact with the public. Make sure that people understand what you are talking about and it is not difficult to repeat your actions. Be prepared to answer questions from the audience. You need to become a true expert in the field that you present, so you should constantly work on your knowledge and skills.

Neuro-Linguistic Techniques

Linguistic programming plays an important role in any public speaking. Many orators underestimate its magnitude, focusing only on the content of the speech. In fact, you need to learn how to control your audience, feel its moods and desires. You can do this with some simple and effective techniques. For example, talking to the public, you should not hide your eyes, look at people, smile at them, and show your openness. You also need to learn how to control your hands. Avoid unnecessary movements. However, at the same time, you should not be too discreet. There is a lot of popular science literature on this topic. Learn the basics of neuro-linguistic programming, and your speeches will be successful and interesting.

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Speaking Skills

You must constantly develop your oratory skills. Work on your diction. Even if you have no speech defects, you have to improve the strength of your voice, emphasis, and pronunciation. Vocabulary expansion has a great impact as well. Banal mistakes in words can spoil the overall impression of your speech. Therefore, you should always work with dictionaries while writing your text. You must also read a lot of fiction and non-fiction that will help you enrich your vocabulary and increase your level of intelligence.

Preparing for the Demonstration Speech

Preparing for a demonstration speech should be very thorough, as you have to not only talk about something but also present some actions. Make sure the inventory you are working with is in good, serviceable condition. It is also worth getting acquainted with the place of the upcoming presentation in advance. Every smallest detail can play a crucial role in the success of your speech, so pay attention to the quality of lighting, acoustics, and equipment.


As you know, self-confidence is the key to a speaker’s success. Do not be afraid of obstacles; show your knowledge and skills. However, you should not confuse confidence and arrogance. Show respect and understanding towards the audience; be open and friendly. Knowing these tips, you can prepare a good demonstration speech.

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