Essay on Basic Human Rights and Freedoms

The postulates of human rights are universal and unquestionable. Almost all nations now assert human rights and stand for dignity. However, not everywhere on the Earth, people are really granted the rights. Sadly, this inequality is still the reality for some countries. Therefore, why not to undertake this topic for your college essay? People of knowledge are those who can make a difference.

Once you pick this theme, you have a chance to dig deeper and get to know about the current state of things. Well, the subject is quite wide and you task is to narrow it down and to choose the appropriate topic. After you have chosen the topic, which you would like to cover, it is high time to start.

First, you’ll have to look at some formulations of titles suggested for you. We’ve compiled a list of human rights topics, for which you can opt, when writing a college essay. When you are done with choosing a topic, we’ll move on to the writing tips concerning the structure and essential elements to include in your paper. 

Ideas You Can Pick Out for Your Paper on Human Rights

  • What does the term ‘human rights’ actually mean?
  • What are the ways, in which an ordinary citizen can assist a person who has been divested of his or her rights?
  • What are the organizations that most actively take part in human rights campaigns?
  • The violation of human rights in North Korea and the ways to improve the situation.
  • What are the issues on human rights in America nowadays?
  • How are women treated in Middle East? Is it in accordance with the declarations of human rights?
  • Which aspects influence the perception and interpretation of the basic rights?
  • Can religious beliefs and norms of culture contribute to the apprehension of the rights and freedoms?
  • Do sweat factories deny rights when they employ foreign workers, pay small salaries, and do not provide proper working conditions?
  • Describe the environment for the human rights protection in the end of the previous century.
  • What is the case with the war prisoners and how are they provided with the preservation of their rights?
  • Should education be considered a human right?
  • What welfare departments can help people if they have been deprived of their rights?
  • Investigate and analyze the advancements in human rights movement that were made during the past century.


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What You Should Know when Composing Your Paper

The process of selecting a topic may have been puzzling enough, but hopefully, you have finally made the decision. The next step is the research. You should look through many sources in order to provide your reader with comprehensive information. First, you should gather the data, and then think of the way to organize your paper and present the argumentation.

Writing itself includes an outline, working on a draft, revision, etc. Do not get off the track and be concentrated on the issue you have opted for.

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