Essay on Failure

Who has never failed at some point in their lives? It’s an essential part of life, I’d rather say inevitable one. But what does failure is, and how to cope with it? Can we somehow achieve success or anything we are striving for so desperately without being failed at least once? Our life is a great journey; it’s a long path for sure, but it doesn’t go about the stones or puddles we meet on our way, it’s about our reaction to no matter what. Let’s imagine you’ve stepped in a puddle, deep and full of mud, but the point is whether you keep going or turn back. You must be wet and dirty, your knee is hurting, but does this unexpected fall mean at the end of your way? This right moment of standing up and deciding what your next actions will be is the moment of the truth. Everyone faces a puddle on their way, but not everyone keeps moving toward their target.

Does a failure mean that there is something wrong personally with you and it’s just a lack of fortune, talent, or anything else? Does it mean that you should give up on trying and just go back? Can a failure be prevented? Fortunately or not, no. No one knows what tomorrow will bring us, we can’t be sure on something for 100% we all make mistakes and there are no ways to escape from failures in life. It may seem that your path is very smooth with no potholes, but then something bad suddenly happens, you haven’t expected that of course, as last minutes of your way seemed to you so easy, your steady steps couldn’t mean anything bad for sure. No one knows, and no one is ready for a failure to happen to them. But life is a big book full of various chapters, some of them may be better, some worse than the previous ones. Turning the pages even the worst ones, it does matter to keep hope and joy in your heart while reading your book. I do believe, that it’s you and only you are the one, who is responsible for the next pages, you are writing the next chapter even if you’ve struggled with the enormous amount of disappointments and failures.

The author of that next page is you; it’s you, who may turn the bad side into the bright one, make sure you concentrate only on the good things and after all failures, mistakes, and life lessons you are still keeping your head up, saying thanks to all your failures and puddles on your way, as they are the reason you’ve reached this right page and chapter of your book. Now, you’ve clearly realized what you are looking and striving for after all those pages, which might be the darkest ones in your book, you’ve learned to move forward with a smile on your face, even if your knee is still hurting. Step by step you’re going along your path, which may lead to the wood or swamp. It doesn’t bother you as you know each puddle, each fall it’s something that makes you better and gives you reasons to grow and improve yourself.


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