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Everyday Struggles of Student Life

Generally,students’ life is managed by same rules as pupils’ life before college: everybody has lectures, sessions, examinations and tests. This means, students from every part of the world have similar academic and domestic problems, the main of which is lack of time. Here are some of main struggles of almost every student:

  • You should learn to manage your time. Often, students lack time to prepare for most classes, write all the assignments, visit all workshops and get prepared for tests and exams.
  • You lack time to cope with all the tasks and materials on the subject you study. You have no other option but to someway arrange abstracts, course works and all the kinds of academic papers. You will probably have not enough time to learn and will be forced to shove information into your head.
  • You have no time to get good sleep, as you want not only to study but also to have a personal life, so you catch late trains to get the best experience of your life. Lack of night’s sleep leads to difficulty with memorizing dates of classes and terms, as all the things are mixed up in your head. But if you avoid sitting hours next to your computer and scrolling down the social networks feed, you will get more time for sleep and all the important things to do and will feel much better.
  • You have not enough time to eat, and dining out exceeds your budget. However, if you cook meals in advance when you have time, you will easily solve this problem. Most students, when they start living in a dorm, have no desire to cook for themselves. They want to relax, but also would like to get tasty meals at the same time. If you still do not want to cook yourself, you will have to go to the campus dining room or find a cheap restaurant nearby.
  • The dorm rooms are often dirty, as students have no time to throw away trash, such as plastic bottles, cans, cardboards and various unnecessary staff. However, students somehow find time for watching the last episodes of their favorite TV shows.
  • One more issue is the wardrobe selection. Although most students may argue that they do not need any fancy outfits, they still have to wash and dry their clothes constantly. Looking good is especially difficult in winter time when most clothes are neither comfortable nor very attractive.
  • Students also often face difficulties when they have to decide on how to spend their free time. In big cities, there are usually multiple places to spend weekends, but it is still quite a challenging task.

Some students easily cope with these difficulties on their own and become able to overcome all the academic mess. However, if you are not one of those students, you can ask for professional assistance at your college or look for some useful tips and get an online support.


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