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Formal Letter Example

Theoretical tips are a good guide for mastering your knowledge concerning writing formal letters. However, there is no better tip than learning on practice. Have a look at an example of a formal letter and consider its structure, language and formatting. Remember that it is a sample, which means that any part of the following formal thanking letter can’t be used in your own writing. 

David Trimble

23121 Harbor Road

Daytona Beach, Fl 32114

+1 264 435 7458


Mr. J. Whitelaw

Head of Accounting Department

East Orlando Chamber of Commerce

12301 Lake Underhill

Orlando, Fl 32828

Dear Mr. Whitelaw,

I am writing to express my extreme deification with the work experience course, which your company provides for apprentices. Last two weeks were a great opportunity not only to observe, but also to be a part of the working process, to master skills and acquire knowledge on the practical basis.

It was an honor to have a chance to perform as a PA and conduct a number of office duties, experience real workload of 9 to 5 job and the conditions, in which people work. Thanks to this, now I have a better understanding of what my future job may consist of, what main aspects it may include and what I can be accountable for when applying for this vacancy.


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I was very enthusiastic about the possibility to learn more about computers. For this reason, I find the idea to organize a three-day course for beginners not even great but brilliant, as the course helped me to get a general overview of main programs that facilitate the performance of everyday duties. Being diligent and persistent in my studies, I tried to remember all the useful information so that to be able to make use of it in my future career.

One more and it must be the most beneficial aspect of my experience was the communicative one. It is taken as read that job must bring pleasure as working surrounding has enormous influence on the fulfillment of tasks. I would like to express gratitude to you as the head of the department for irreproachable organization of teamwork and to the stuff for their willingness to help and really nice attitude during my internship.

I hope this was not the last time of our cooperation. I would greatly appreciate the possibility of joining your team.

Best regards,

David Trimble.


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