Get Paid to Write: Start Freelance Writing Job

We defined our goal, now we can start moving towards it. Let’s start with $100 a month; it’s a pretty feasible goal for a beginner. However, don’t forget that people are different, and not everybody can make it straight away. Anyway, don’t be discouraged and do your best on your way of becoming a profitable freelance writer!

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Start Keeping Track

Obviously, it’s pointless to try to find a freelance job without having a solid plan written on a piece of paper, a text document or Google Doc. Of course, at the beginning, your portfolio will be brightly blank, and it’s quite frustrating, but watching it being filled up with a help of your plan is really worth it.

Be Ready to Write for Free on Purpose, and Say “No” to Unprofitable Orders

 As soon as we’re all here for money (let’s be honest), we need to define whether particular free assignment makes any sense for us. So, we can write for free for:

  • People with a great name (it will make your resume look good.)
  • Your idols or people you want to work with no matter what.
  • For a company (or person) with a huge active audience which is going to give you credits and additional traffic to your own site.

That’s probably it. You have to know the exact purpose of your volunteering writings. If I see you writing for free for no reason, I’m going to find you and beat you up for being dumb!

Gain Knowledge

Becoming a master of MMA requires constant work on the ring or in the fight club. The same with writing. As you want to earn good money with the help of your writing skills, you should read a lot of material and attend different courses dedicated to copywriting, blog writing, etc. Take knowledge from the masters and use their experience to reveal your own writing potential.

Begin Now!

Practice, practice, practice! You can’t start your career already being a professional. Without practice, there is no chance of you becoming a professional freelance writer. For instance, by systematical posting in my blog, I get used to writing routine, which has been helping me till today.

It isn’t always easy to start writing, but it’s always better than nothing. Do, practice, experiment and become a professional.


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