Gifts for Abroad Studying Students

Having friends who opt for studying abroad is an excellent experience. Can you not only pay them a visit and get acquainted with other countries, traditions, and cultures, but also receive some interesting goodies from them that will definitely be remembered for quite a long time. In return, it will be respectful from your side to make some presents for them as well. This article will give you some hints in order to choose the best option and impress your friends with the present.

Presenting a Friend Some Helpful Gifts


There is nothing better than additional space during the journeys. The ability to store more is invaluable when you are travelling to mountains, making long bike trips or even simply having a picnic at the weekend. Be creative and choose a backpack that will be waterproof, safe and will include some extra secret pockets.


As your friends will travel a lot both inside the state and around its neighboring countries, the plug systems in some of them may be different. It will be of great use to provide your friends with a multifunctional adapter for their portable devices. Not an expensive gift, but at the same time it is helpful in many life situations.

External Battery

Together with an adapter, an additional set of batteries will serve as a rescuer at some situations. Long journeys may mean the absence of electricity source and as you know, modern gadgets cannot live long enough without being “fed.” That is why an additional charging ability will allow your phone and other devices live longer.


This is quite an ambiguous present, which depends on the lifestyles you friends lead. If they enjoy making handwritten notes, it will be a great reminder of your care, especially if you decorate the notebook with something handmade. Try to be creative and both you and your friend will receive unbelievable pleasure from this present.


Again, travelling will be an integral part of living abroad, so a special preparation must be made before getting started. It is as interesting as helpful to mark the places of your visit on a map, especially if this map is made by your best mate. Show your love and care and the present will look amazing.


A stylish piece of cloth that keeps your neck warm during cold weather and an elegant mantle for evening walks in summer – that is how a usual scarf may look like in different seasons. If you are fond of embroidery – try to pay some additional time and efforts to make the present unforgettable.


This is the most expensive, however, the most multi-functional gift in the list. Your friend will definitely be happy about this, as being able to read anywhere, without much harm to the eyes is enjoyable. If you ask a professional for an inscription on the backside of an e-book, it will bring even more pleasure in future memories.


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