How to Be Polite in Writing?

Why Should We Be Polite

The main reason is that if you want someone to hear you and treat your words and actions seriously, you have to be polite. When you are polite, you demonstrate the level of your personal growth and development, as well as the level of your upbringing. Besides, you show your respect for other people. Eventually, if a person treats you rudely, you can win him/her by talking to him/her politely. What is actually significant here is not to lose patience and to stay calm.

Politeness in Writing

Politeness is an important aspect in every field of our life. We have to stay polite while talking, acting, as well as writing. There are generally accepted forms and norms of politeness that help people demonstrate politeness toward each other. For instance, while writing a letter, you should start with “Dear Sir/Madam” or, if you know the name of the addressee, you should address to him or her by name. In the body of the letter, when you are forced to inform a person about bad news or have to argue about certain issues, you should apply constructions that comprise unique forms of politeness that assist in lightening the impression of the obtained information. While ending your letter, you should apply such forms of politeness as “Sincerely yours,” “Best regards,” “Yours faithfully,” etc.

While writing a letter, it is vital to mind not just the content but also the grammar and spelling of the entire paper. If you send a letter with numerous mistakes, the addressee may consider it as impolite. This demonstrates that you do not care much about the recipient, not just that it is difficult to read a letter that contains lots of mistakes, but also about the impression you make. This way, the addressee may think he or she is not important to you.

 Every day, in every field of our life, all of us have to be polite. This helps us create successful connections with other people and with ourselves, as well. Due to politeness, we learn to respect ourselves and people around us. Then, we have the right to expect our surroundings to be polite to us and treat us with respect, as well.


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