How to Write a 7th Grade Essay?

So, you were assigned to complete a 7th grade essay. However, many students get confused because of having no idea about the topic for such a paper. Stay calm.

Descriptive Essay Topic – ‘A Summer Day’

Imagine a really hot and sultry summer day. It would be interesting to write a paper describing how the heat makes people feel. Do not forget to use colorful details and catchy epithets for a clear description of what you feel.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topic – ‘About Myself’

In many situations, people can change depending on the circumstances and other people who surround them. What kind of person are you while spending time with your relatives? How do you act at school? What opinion do your friends and acquaintances have about you? Write a compare and contrast essay what your relatives and what your friends think about you.

To complete such an essay, you will have to conduct a survey or a small questionnaire. It will be very interesting if you include the outcomes in your paper.

Persuasive Essay Topic – ‘Guest Speaker’

Imagine you have a task to invite a guest speaker to the school. For example, it can be a well-known celebrity, a writer or a politician. Give the reason why this person is the one who has to be invited. Provide argumentative examples and reasons to support your point of view and convince the readers your opinion is the right one.

Cause and Effect Essay Topic – ‘Inspiration’

Often, people around us inspire us to think or act in a different way. Write a paper about things or people who provide you with inspiration. What are these things? Who are these people? What impact do their words or actions have on you? Is their effect a positive or negative one?

 If you are still not sure about the topic for the 7th grade essay, you can ask your tutor for advice. He or she will definitely offer you several fresh and interesting ideas.


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