How to Write a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one of the most popular and complicated written assignments at universities. It is necessary to use proper vocabulary, stylistic devices, and logic structure with the aim to persuade someone in something. The most challenging point is that you need to convince someone in something, even if you do not believe in it. Therefore, you should be not only well-educated and eloquent but also know psychological tips and tricks on how to engage, manage and persuade your audience. In this short article below, we highly encourage you to pay attention to these crucial points of how to write a persuasive essay.

First Steps

"The first pancake is always lumpy", says the proverb. It is so difficult to start doing something, especially if you are going to do it for the first time. Therefore, we offer you to follow these tips on how to begin your persuasive essay.

Main Thesis

The first and the primary point is to state your idea. It should be a short sentence on a particular issue. Write it down!

Avoid Vagueness

If you're going to convince someone in something, you should be accurate and concise with your arguments and explanations. No one likes to read long and complex descriptions. Furthermore, your argumentation should start with the weakest point and finish with the strongest one. It will impress your readers and will help you to persuade them that you are right.

Examples: Quantity and Quality

According to the latest news, the best way to persuade someone in something is to give them a few examples. Thus, try to pick up as many examples as it is possible. However, pay attention to the quality of arguments. Be sure, that you have mentioned the most accurate and vivid ones. You should put the point forward and should not leave any doubts in your audience.

Outline and Structure Tips

There are different points of view on whether the outline is useful or not. We claim that the draft is helpful because it gives you clear understanding of your essay. Therefore, we highly recommend you to write down your plan and use this structure:


  • Specify your theme and a particular issue.
  • Review some of the most fundamental and authoritative views on this problem.
  • Provide own thoughts and ideas, which you want to share with others.
  • Put at least three first arguments to engage the audience.

The Main Body

The main body should consist of at least three parts. Each paragraph should have a separate statement and at least one example to prove this statement. Although each piece has different main points and examples, they should be related to the central topic and reveal it. Ensure that your points are accurate and concise, and you have chosen the best examples\arguments.

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Do not retell but highlight and underline the most significant things, in which you want to persuade your audience. Do not use any new facts or descriptions here. Here, you may suggest a strict solution to resolve the problem or engage people in discussing this problem again, in other words, actualize it. Anyway, ensure that you have enough time to write each part correctly. Of course, do not forget to check your paper for grammar, stylistic and logic mistakes.

Good luck!


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