Improving Your Writing Skills

The end of the studying year is full of unprepared essays and pending articles. The main problem of writing such tasks is a lack of ideas or time. Here you must understand that no articles are written easily – each one is original and requires its own, unique approach. However, there is a set of general tips to help you make your articles much more proficient.

Improving Quality of Your Writings

Forget about Inbuilt Spell Check

Remember a golden rule of all electronic checkers – computers are stupid. Under no circumstances you must ever rely on them. Despite the unbelievable progress of modern technologies, computers have not learnt how to look for real mistakes yet. Do not hand in your writing, unless you proofread it by yourself. If you hesitate about any possible mistake – ask your colleagues or a teacher for help; do not refer to automatic computer checkers.

Avoid Using First Person

You have been always asked not to use “I” sentences in the academic style. Centering a paper around your own identity will only distract a reader from the main topic of the essay. Moreover, the first person is not a formal oriented pronoun and even not semi-formal. The only place where you can use this pronoun is a blog. Additionally, even not all blog-writers are fond of using self-centered themes for discussion. Unless your task is to create a personal reflection paper, avoid using the first person in your writings.

Be Specific

You are not at school anymore; you are already experienced enough to write complex sentences with a profound descriptive language. This is the main problem of too small essays – there are no enough words in your writings as the sentences are too simple and trivial. You must grab readers’ attention3 so that they were interested in your essay and wanted to read it till the end. The more sophisticated and gripping vocabulary you use, the better paper you will get at the end.

Visit  Local Writing Center

If you have doubts about anything that concerns writing assignments, you can always address a writing or resource center at your college. Not only will you find necessary help in correcting your mistakes and improving your style there, but also if you are desperate due to lack of the ideas, you can easily draw inspiration for your essays. Usually, there are a lot of scientific, economic, or business magazines that are ready to give you a hint what to write about.

Think of a Point

The process of writing requires a certain core to be guided by. If your topic is both interesting and relevant, then gathering ideas will not be a problem for you. This is why the most popular structure to use while creating an essay consists of 3 points – introduction, main body, and conclusion. This scheme makes it possible to introduce the topic, develop it, and conclude what you have come up with. Do not make your readers (particularly professors) read your meaningless paper; think of a problem to discuss within your essay.


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