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Inexpensive Date Ideas for College Students

Have you ever thought where to take your girlfriend in order to make an exciting date and spend little money at the same time? If you are a college student, most likely you have been thinking about that a lot. Now you can stop doing it, because in this article we are going to give you 10 ideas of wonderful romantic dates that will make your girlfriend happy without taking much money out of your pocket.

Date Suggestions on a Budget

  • Make a Themed Dinner.Cooking at home is evidently much cheaper than going out to a restaurant. Does cooking sound boring? Spice it up by making it thematic! Invite your girlfriend, pick a theme and cook a dinner together. For instance, you can choose Italy and cook a romantic Italian dinner with Italian music. Watch an Italian movie after dinner. Make both of you feel as if you are in Rome!
  • Go Stargazing. It will be romantic and absolutely free. Pick a nice grassy place, lie down on a blanket, and enjoy the starry sky. You can also learn more about constellations beforehand to impress your date.
  • Go to a City Park. Most of them offer free entrance. Pick a park where you can have a lovely, enjoyable and scenic walk together. Take some food with you and have lunch overlooking the picturesque views.
  • Visit a School Sporting Event. Most of them are free of charge for students. Alternatively, you can use your student ID to reduce the entrance price.
  • Study Together. It is not always a boring thing to do. You can make it creative and do it together with your girlfriend. It is not necessarily to do it in a library; you can study in the dorm or go to a park.
  • Have a Movie Marathon. Rent several movies (they should have a single plot line or anything else in common – like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, or Marvel movies) and watch them with your girlfriend. The greatest thing is not even watching them together, but discussing them later!
  • Make a Picnic. It is a great and romantic way to spend time together. Prepare some sandwiches, take a blanket, and go to a park or to a grassy spot on your campus. You may also cook a dessert to impress your girlfriend.
  • Volunteer Together. It is certainly free. Moreover, it will show your girlfriend how compassionate and caring you are. Go to a local animal shelter or to a soup kitchen to help those who are less lucky than you are. Indeed, volunteering will be a wonderful bonding experience for you two.
  • Go to a Cheap Concert. Pick a concert of a less known band as it is usually much cheaper. It does not mean that you are not going to have fun. Discuss the concert afterwards and who knows – maybe you will have a new favorite band?
  • Visit an Art Museum. They are free at certain days of the week. Go there and enjoy art together. You will definitely like it.


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