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Leaving Your Dreams Behind Might Have Dramatic Consequences

We have always been told that it is important to set goals and make great efforts to achieve them. However, once we get a job with career prospects and perks, we give up setting goals and aspiring for our dreams. We lie to ourselves saying this is because we have no spare time but a great number of responsibilities instead. If you follow the main ideas set forth in the article, you will understand that the price you are likely to pay for that might be considerably higher than estimated.

Life of Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction

Our life is a constant pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, getting maximum satisfaction from work is impossible if you are constantly considering the chances you might have taken but you have not. Besides, the money you earn irrespective of the sum does not fill in the emptiness you have inside if you are not happy about what you are doing.

Working to Make Other People’s Dreams Come True

Leaving your dream for the sake of fulfilling the dream of anyone else does not add to your feeling happy. Helping others with implementing their projects is very considerate, but you have to be sure that making someone’s dream come true you do not sacrifice yours.


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You Feign that You Are Happy

A fake smile you are wearing on your face might deceive those around you, but not your inner self. You will always catch yourself thinking of the things you could have done to improve your life.

You Become Less Productive at Work

If you fail to concentrate on your work because you think about lost opportunities, you fail to do your work in the best way possible. The explanation is simple: you do the work automatically your heart not being committed enough.

You Begin Looking for Comfort

Working unwillingly, you will constantly expose yourself to stress and frustration leading you to the point when you start taking comfort in cigarettes or alcohol.

You Are Not Real You Any Longer

This is the most terrible thing that might happen to someone who gives up on the dreams. The transformations cannot be noticed immediately, but in the end you become a completely different individual.

Aggression Grows in You

Becoming aggressive is closely related to suppressing one’s wishes and ambitions. Having to do the things you do not like makes you feel angry and irritated.

Your Work Does Not Appeal to You

You will never feel satisfied with your work no matter how good it might be. Being asked about work conditions or your status, you will be turned on immediately.

The Worst Thing Is Yet to Come

The most pessimistic future for you might be like this: constantly depressed and passive living the life of a wreck.  

The ideas above must have convinced you of the necessity to follow your dreams not to turn your life into a disaster. Be courageous to dream and determined to make your dreams come true.


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