Love: Definition Essay

If you ask different people what love means to them, you will definitely get various answers. Some of us define love as an entirely romantic or even entirely sexual feeling. Others say that true love may exist only among family members or between a person and God. There are also people who think that love may have different forms, for example, love for a partner, parents, friends, a pet, idols and sometimes even an inanimate object. Judging from these answers, all of them are correct. Moreover, we all know that love is certainly one of the strongest and most powerful feelings a person may have.

There is love between the partners who are married or simply live together, a boyfriend and a girlfriend, heterosexual or homosexual couples, young and old people, etc. Despite these differences, the partners are united by mutual respect and an understanding of each other’s needs. This kind of a relationship is often based on the common ground that couples find when they meet for the first time. It can be as simple as adoring the same music, film or book, or more complicated such as similar religious convictions and philosophical beliefs.

When we talk about this kind of love, we often notice some “chemistry” between two people. This strange feeling makes you have butterflies in your stomach and think that there is nothing more important and enjoyable than spending time with a loved one. Some people say that they often experience love at first sight as if they knew they would like be with a person after having a quick glance at him/her only. On the other hand, the love that stems from friendship and common interests is usually stronger and long-lasting.

Parental love can be also called the love at first sight; however, it is more powerful because it roots from our human instinct to protect our children. Moreover, parental love often starts long before a child is born. For example, when the parents-to-be feel the first kick of their baby or see his/her scans in a mother’s womb, they feel excitement and experience overwhelming love for their future child. Children also have the same feeling towards their parents. In addition, similar emotions exist between siblings.

Love is certainly the most powerful feeling a person can experience in his/her life. Sometimes, hatred and fear make people to commit dreadful crimes, but love may force us to do even worse. Frequently, love causes anger, fear and hatred, especially when our loved one is hurt. Without doubt, love is also a sacrifice that drives us to forget about ourselves and aspire to protect the wellbeing of the closest people. Due to its unique force to turn people’s lives upside down and change convictions and hopes, love is considered the strongest human feeling.


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