Medical Innovations in the College Curriculum

Nowadays education system is constantly being updated due to the changes in the modern world. New subjects are added, new disciplines are taught while the old ones keep being avoided. However, hardly any time is devoted to the most important thing in life – health. Even though students are taught biology, there are no such subjects where kids were explained how to administer first aid. Thus, it is widely thought that at least college students are obliged to study a few life-saving emergency techniques during their classes.

Medical Additions to College Curriculum

There are certain medical tricks that are both quite helpful and really easy to learn. The most popular ones are the Heimlich maneuver and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Even though these two names may scare you, they are the first basic medical aid techniques that can save a person’s life while he or she is suffocating, has the heart suddenly stop or was just rescued from drowning. Not only will these subjects expand the students’ knowledge, but they will teach students how to act in the case of a future accident. Surely, the classes must be free to all so that the fee charge did not scare the participants.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is not simply a choice as a college subject. In the future, it may become a life changing decision. One of the most common problems among Americans is a heart attack. The experts state, the earlier the help is given the more chances a person has to survive. If the accident happened on the street and you are aware of the procedure, then helping will be much more efficient than just calling 911. Until an ambulance comes, the victim may already pass away. Your skillful hands can substitute a defibrillator easily if you know the right technique of the procedure.

Your elder neighbors and relatives will live safer knowing that you are aware of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. Through the previous decades, people’s heath has been only deteriorating, increasing the chance of the heart attack. Therefore, securing the close people from the accident is an extremely important knowledge that needs to be taught at college.

The other common problem of modern society is sudden asphyxiation with a small object that usually turns out to be food. The Heimlich maneuver is an easy technique that prevents the majority from suffocating. Henry Heimlich has developed this noncomplex set of movements and made it possible to avoid unnecessary deaths. All that you need to do is to use the air that is still in lungs to get rid of the object in a throat.

As soon as at least these two simple methods are included in the college curriculum, the upcoming generation will be knowledgeable enough to save a lot of lives.


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