My Aunt

My aunt can be described as a short and plump woman. Her hair is long and strait, and my aunt likes to tie it up in a bun. She has beautiful blue eyes that twinkle with light and hint at the mystery hidden in them. My aunt often greets friends and strangers with a sunny smile, showing her healthy white teeth. Despite the fact that my aunt is plump, she is as beautiful as a rose.

Helpfulness of my aunt is the main reason why I love her so much. Every time she meets someone who needs help, especially old ladies, she always offers her assistance. As a sign of appreciation, our neighbors often call my aunt “Goddess of help”. Also, she is always worried about my health and schoolwork. When my examinations are about to start, my aunt makes special herbal tea for me. Natural flavor and delicious taste of her tea relieve stress and make me more confident of passing my tests successfully.

My aunt also takes care of people and animals. She volunteers with seniors in nursing homes every Sunday. Also, she always tries to help the poor and unfortunate people by taking part in charity fundraising. In addition, my aunt can never pass by injured or hurt animals. She often brings them home, takes care of the animals, and applies medication until their full recovery.

One strange peculiarity of my aunt’s style is that she wears only skirts. She does not have a single pair of long pants or shorts in her closet. My aunt believes that skirts underline femininity better than any other clothes. She had also tried to persuade me in her convictions, and I had no other option but to agree. In addition, my aunt likes to look pretty and neat every time she goes out. Usually, she combs her hair many times before she is completely satisfied with her final look. That is a weird habit, isn’t it?

My aunt is a wonderful person, and I love spending time with her.


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