My Family Essay

Writing a family essay is an interesting task. But it is very important to understand that being a part of the academic community you shouldn’t describe hobbies of your family members or thing you did together last winter in a family essay. Such approach will only cause irritation of your professor and laughs of your audience. Future Bachelor or Ph.D. should approach this type of essay in a completely different manner.

Top Tips on Writing a Family Essay

If you’ve been assigned to write a family history essay, then you should approach this task not as a family member, but rather as a scientist who studies genealogical tree – a chronologist. It’s not a job that can be taken lightly, as it requires thorough preparation and an immense amount of research.

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Firstly you need to draw yourself back from seeing yourself as a family member and look at your family from the point of view of psychology and sociology. When starting an essay on family give the definition of the family, explaining that family is an important building block of society and a crucial element of social hierarchy. It is also advisable to mention several definitions of the word ‘family’ in order to add the solidity to your work. When doing this, don’t forget to mention the names of authors of the expressions that you’re using. Before starting to write a family essay it is also highly recommended to look through the work of respected scientists, who have researched Family Science for many years.

In case you can select the angle of your essay, you may choose to write a family definition essay, and devote not just the introductory part but the whole essay to research the concept of family.

If you want to utilize a detailed approach to writing a family essay, you can read more about consumer and family sciences. This academic discipline will allow you get a better understanding of the topic as it combines different elements of natural and social science.

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Critical View

When writing a family essay you may want to research the institution of marriage and look at different aspect of this important element of our lives. You can consult your tutor as they may want you to have a critical approach to the researched issue. 

Interestingly, a successful marriage is still perceived by many as a part of the American Dream, but on the other hand, this concept is no longer relevant for some people.

Today, a lot of scientists are expressing concerns about the future of the family institute which allows using their findings in your essay. Scientists are noticing that that family is slowly losing its role and importance in the development of human society.

To get an even deeper understanding of the topic we advise you to read the following books:

  • “Habits of the Heart” by Robert Bellah
  • “The Theology of Marriage” by Paul Evdokimov
  • “What Is Marriage” by Theodore Mackin
  • “The War Over the Family” by Peter Berger and Brigitte Berger 

They will help you to get a comprehensive overview of the subject of family.


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