Possible Topics for Essay on Social Media

Due to social media, we have much more opportunities to communicate ideas, share points of view, and produce new results. Such social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter affect our lives in many ways. They alter the way we communicate with our families, friends, and peers. Besides, they change the way we use technology. Since social media are so popular today, their influence on our lives can become a good essay topic.

In case you choose to write an essay about social media, keep in mind that while you should present your personal opinion about the topic, you also need to provide evidence to prove it. For that, you have to do a research and make sure that you understand the topic very well. Giving examples to support your point, you convince your readers that your argument is correct. At the same time, you need to provide your personal observations.

Remember that before you even start writing your paper, you need to talk to your professor and get clear guidelines and instructions from them. In case you do not follow the instructions, your paper can get a low grade, even if it has a great content. Therefore, it is better to learn all the tips in advance and stick to them.

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If you want to write an essay about social media, but you do not know what exact topic to choose, you can take a look at the following list. You may pick any topic you like, or use this list as a base and inspiration for coming up with your own topic.

  • The significance of social media networks on the modern society
  • The influence of social media on business success
  • The connection between social media and cyberbullying
  • The pros and cons of using social media in schools
  • Addiction to social media
  • Do social media need parental control?
  • The use of social media in times of calamities
  • The effects of using celebrities to advertise products on social media
  • The problem of ethics in social media
  • Social media and their impact on personal communication and sociability

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When you are selecting a topic for your essay, remember that you should choose the one that interests you. It should be a topic that you will feel excited about while researching and writing. In this case, the writing process will be much easier for you. What is more, the topic you choose should be interesting for other people, as well. It needs to be something people would like to learn more about.

While writing, research and analyze your topic from a number of points of view so that your readers could see the multiple angles of the issue you are discussing. If you successfully apply all these recommendations, you will write a perfect essay, make your readers interested, and get an excellent grade for it. Therefore, all your efforts are worth the result!


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