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Research Paper Topics on International Business

Students whose field of study is Business are lucky when it comes to writing a research paper because there is a number of topics they can choose from. Topics linked to the International Business can be different. For example, students can choose to write about outsourcing and its impact on prices, the influence of tariffs and subsidies on trade, and so on. The concepts of capitalism give students an opportunity to discuss the Reaganomics implementation, which has started in the 1980s. All you need to do is to choose an interesting topic.

When a professor assigns a student writing a research paper, his/her first duty is to opt for the topic related to International Business. The following important aspects should be taken into the most serious consideration:

  • When your instructor or professor gives you a topic, do everything possible to choose it by yourself; 
  • Make sure to select the international business research topic, which is not too general or too narrow. In most cases, if the topic is too narrow, you will not have a chance to find a lot of sources, and in case the topic is too general, the chances are pretty high that there will not be any difficulties with literature;
  • As soon as you have decided what topic to choose, conduct a research in library catalogs, surf the Internet in order to find interesting and useful ideas;
  • Pay attention to the articles with the following headings: “How to Look for an Interesting topic for Your Research Paper,” “Ideas for Effective Research paper,” etc.
  • Check out the news and current events related to international business;
  • Try to find some reference books (encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, some reports, etc.) while looking for the research paper topics related to International Business. They will definitely help you to get to know the background information and make the topic overview.

How to Properly Plan Your Research Work?  

When you have already chosen the research paper topic on international business, your next step should be making a plan and conducting a detailed research work:

  • Select the materials and all the literature sources; identify the time frame and any other limitations for them.
  • Do not ignore the assistance of your instructor; pay attention to the working bibliography.
  • Start collecting the data as soon as you have chosen the topic.
  • Make sure that the selected sources are credible and up-to-date.
  • Pay attention to the publishing date of your sources. If you want to write a professional research paper, you need to make sure that each source is not outdated.

We hope that our recommendations on how to select the topic for your international business research paper will help you to cope with your writing assignments successfully. Do not hesitate to look for professional writing assistance in case you understand that the task is too difficult for you and you will not deal with it on your own.   


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