ample Analytical Essay on Advertising 

Sales and advertising are the two wings of one bird. Damage one and the bird couldn’t fly. If you don’t inform customers about your offer, how else should they find out about it? This is why companies need advertising.

However, this method is not new. For instance, 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt people used papyrus to create ads. Advertising was also used by ancient Greeks and Romans and other ancient civilizations to attract customers. Since that time advertising has progressed greatly and now it’s difficult to imagine our life without it. Ads are literally everywhere and we can’t even watch a funny cat video on YouTube without seeing an ad. It seems that advertising will always be there, because as long as businesses exist we will need it, and we can’t imagine our world without business activity. Where there’s a company, there’s an advertising specialist who will advertise the production.   

The most common method of advertising is via the mass media. Although, its primary goal is to provide people with information, because of the impact it has on our world, it is also being utilized as the means of advertising. Furthermore, mass media exists thankfully to advertising, because that’s how they make money.

Numerous psychological techniques are involved into advertising. Basic technique is repetition, which means that when you see the same ad every day, you gradually start to believe that this product is good and you should buy it. Brands try hard to differentiate by crafting creative ads so that customers can associate themselves with the brand instantly and become interested in buying the product as soon as possible. It means that the challenge that modern businesses have is not having a large advertising department, but having an efficient advertising department. It often takes a genius to sell many products without putting much money into advertising. This is why viral marketing has become popular recently. Viral marketing supposes a creation of video or other means of advertising that goes viral, and by doing so, it informs thousands of customers about the advertised product.

There are ethical questions involved in advertising, in particular – is advertising fair? Every business wants to sell as many products as possible even if the product is mediocre or plainly bad or low-quality. Just like with quality-products, advertising shows these lame products from the best side, which misleads the customer. A good example is the scene from Kate and Leo, when a man from the past participates in the advertising of the low-quality butter. When he finds out that it tastes really bad, he refuses to participate in that ad. Unfortunately, it shows that advertising is often cheating for the sake of additional incomes forgetting about the proper service. But because advertising is so important, companies are ready to cheat and spend millions on marketing departments.

Although, advertising is necessary for the development of any business, I deeply believe that it can’t be based on lies and shouldn’t be solely guided by the egoistic desire to make income. It should serve as a means of telling about the real qualities of the product and be devoid of misleading information.


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