Sample Campaign Speech

An example of a campaign speech is a good guiding tool for people planning to take part in the elections either governmental or student bodies. Those who have never practiced speaking fluently in front of the audience may find it challenging in case they have not been trained in advance. What is peculiar is that to produce a perfect campaign speech, one must know the stylistic standards in order to avoid a number of traps. Thus, all the speakers resort to certain techniques to ensure that the speech they are making follows the set norms.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am grateful to all of you for your being so welcoming and supportive. Being here with you makes me happy as you are those who are sure to make the right decision for the nation. So, here we go! Nowadays, America is standing at the crossroad having been affected by the wind of change. It is up to you now to decide whether to turn back or move forward. For each of us, it means the time of great transformations. It is the right time to change our country’s political frame. Due to certain people's ugly behavior, politics is currently regarded as a kind of show business rather that a serious sphere. What I am intending to do is to show you that this tendency is not right. I want to point out that my primary goal, if being elected, is to ensure the citizens' needs fulfilled in each state. 

My first step is to create new laws ensuring sustainable development of the country with future perspectives. I find it particularly important to create new sources of funding the American educational sector, public schools in particular. There should be re-channeling of the taxes from different sectors into the system of education.

What is more, the greatest emphasis in my campaign should be put on the national economy as it provides the prosperity of the country and its citizens. Unfortunately, in the past, this aspect was neglected by the leaders. Therefore, my suggestion lies in promoting new business and supporting residential development in order to ensure the nation's rebirth.   

Furthermore, I intend to reduce taxation rates, as new initiatives aimed at ensuring country's prosperity should not be taxed. Being the nation's representative, I promise to keep America's finances under control and take measures to reduce the national debt.

All in all, being elected I promise that I will not change my position. All the issues you are concerned about will be dealt with at the highest governmental level. If all the above issues coincide with your ambitions, you will make the right decision electing the head of the States who is fair and reliable.


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