Sample Essay About Life

“Essay About Life” is one of the most popular essay topics. In order to write an excellent essay about life, one should look at it with an open mind free of mental clutter and mundane thoughts. Here is a good sample essay about life that you can use as a reference:

What is life? A nice walk along beautiful seaside with breathtaking sky paintings and graceful breeze, or is it quite the opposite – a series of constant struggles and pains that inevitably lead to death? Life has all of it, and while we cannot change the beginning and the end of our life, everything in-between is within our grasp.

If we consider the lives of some people, we will see that they are full of torment and misery. These people perceive life as punishment and get no joy from living. They lay themselves in the hands of fate and just wait for a glimpse of light on the horizon. A lot of such people become cruel and merciless, turn into thieves, murderers or drug addicts, and some even commit suicide in order to escape from all the injustice and torment they have faced.

If all people were like these, life would be viewed as a punishment. However, there is a brighter side. There are those who experience life as something beautiful and enjoyable, they see it as a challenge, a journey or a great adventure. These people can find themselves in different circumstances, but no matter the situation, they keep believing and doing. Do you remember the saying, “Where there is life, there is hope”? It is about such people.

Who is right? No one. There is no right and wrong here because it is just a matter of personal state of consciousness and mindset. In fact, we see the world, as we are. Not as it is in reality. Everyone sees the world in a certain way, therefore, one complains “my life is a struggle”, while the other admires “my life is so beautiful”. There is a great Hindu parable about how we see the world. There was a tree in the yard. It was a dark night and one could hardly understand if that was a tree or something else. A young romantic man came into that yard and thought that the tree was a figure of a beautiful woman. A rich man came into the yard and was terrified, because he saw a robber in the shapes of the tree. An old man was slowly walking through the same yard. In that same tree he saw an old crooked body of an elderly person. “Everything decays”, he thought to himself. Three people, three different perceptions of one object. 


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