Succeed in Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

The victims of impostor syndrome are often prosperous women. This is a vulnerable state of being afraid that you may be less successful or proficient in some field than other people.

Beginning my career ladder, I gained a place of distributer in Avon’s merchandising department. At first I was not quite sure whether I got the needed skills and could carry out the requirements. Lacking experience, I was trembling in fear even during the interview. That was the first time I realized the influence of impostor syndrome on my behaving and perceiving myself. Thankfully, I could tell that I am good in various other fields, such as Math, so that helped to convince the employee I was competent.

However, luck cannot always be on your side. So, how would you react? Even now I am thinking of how I would respond to the situation if I had failed. It is very important whether you could stand the test of difficulties.

One more thing that made me hesitate was that all the managerial posts were occupied by men. Since a stereotypical perception of the world dominated, women were rarely offered to take over the leadership of a company. What is more, only few African Americans were employed in Avon.

Being persistent and working hard, I was promoted through the years. Finally, I became an associate planner. Unfortunately, that did nothing to my impostor syndrome, and it was still controlling my mind. Again I have not been sure whether I could manage my new job targets. I would not ever believe anybody if they told me I would win the position of the president in Avon.

After having devoted almost 10 years to the company, I realized that I needed to make a difference. I desired a change and left my company. Such a step led me to a very critical point in my life. The previous achievements have not seem to be fleeting and not important anymore. I felt as if I were skilled enough and could do more.

Get to Know how to Overcome the Impostor Syndrome
Examine Thoroughly the Work Habits You Got

Have you ever noticed that somebody’s work looks more important to you? That is why you are trying to make yours more fruitful without being ever satisfied. Additionally, the feeling of imperfection disturbs you. The first step to fight against the condition is to answer the questions.

Change Your Behavior

If you always try to stop people telling you compliments, let them praise you.

Identify Your True Associates

Get closer with people who can evaluate your achievements and be honest with you. Try to avoid the ones who are jealous of you.

Do not Try to Deal with Your Doubt on Your Own

Reveal your inner feelings to a close friend or a family member. Keeping everything to yourself could make the situation even worse.



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