Summary of the Book The Last of the Mohicans

Today we will talk about an interesting book that causes a lot of questions. The main question is: how did the author of the book sentimentalize the native people of America in his masterpiece? Let’s trace facts from the primary source.

The Last of the Mohicans by James F. Cooper was a special book for its time. This historical novel was written in 1862. The author created the high level of regard and understanding concerning the Native Americans. This book portrays America as a clean state with the absence of ideas and undefined aims. It also portrays symbolism of Uncas who is one of the Native Americans historically situated in the eastern part of Connecticut. The role of these people is portrayed through the text of the book.

It is argued that in the book America is portrayed as the state untouched by cultural history and religion of Europe. The author wrote that America and Native Americans are innocent who further followed the qualities brought by the representatives of mainland Europe.

The relationship between such characters as Chingachgook and Hawkeye gives a consideration to the positive qualities of being friends and the existence of the community. Their antagonist Magua suggests an idea of negative qualities, such as violence, war, and depravity. The reader sympathizes Magua as the immoral nature that is just a response to the immorality that comes from mainland Europe. 

The author tries to make the reader sympathize the Native Americans by sentimentalizing them. He highlights the negatives caused by other powers and shows them in the characters of the Native Americans. This kind of personification is the clearest in the case of Uncas death that symbolizes the death of culture of the Native Americans.

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