The Features of Students Life

The higher education institution in its forms and methods of teaching significantly differs from the school. Therefore, young people fall into a completely new environment and from the first steps should be able to organize their work properly.


Such a system of education requires the student to be independent and organized. Unlike the school, there is no daily monitoring of the learning material quality. Verification of students' knowledge is carried out periodically, as well as at the end of the semester during the examinations. The student has to learn the information at a new, higher level. Even such subjects like mathematics, physics, or chemistry, require a new approach to their study, the ability to think generically, to find logical connections, and so on.

The Importance of Lectures

The ability to understand lecture material correctly is of great importance. It should be noted that the lecture notes have a number of advantages before the textbook. First, the lectures contain more up-to-date operational information, as the lecturer constantly makes necessary changes to their content. Secondly, the material contained in the lectures is collected from different sources and therefore, it provides a broader discussion of the issues under study.

Preparation for Classes

An important role in the educational process is played by preparation for practical classes, which must begin with learning the lecture materials on this topic. Then you should study the methodical instructions for the upcoming lesson and find answers to control questions. If necessary, you may use textbooks, teaching aids, and other literature recommended by the teacher.


The most crucial moment in studying is the exams. Your success depends, first of all, on the systematic and conscientious work during the whole year and, secondly, on the correct organization of preparation for the test or examination. It should be born in mind that the days allocated for the preparation for the exam serve only to complete the learning process, and the basic knowledge must be acquired and consolidated during the entire year. The main source of knowledge are lecture notes, diaries, journals on practical (laboratory, seminar, etc.) studies. It does not exclude the use of educational literature. It is necessary to visit consultations before the exam, on which the teacher usually draws students' attention to the most difficult questions of the course being taught, talks about the organization of the exam and its requirements for the examiners, gives exemplary answers. The learner should study the entire amount of material that is taken out for the exam, and if necessary, find out unclear issues. Questions for the teacher should be formulated in advance in order to obtain an exhaustive answer. As you can see, schooling is very different from studying in college. It is necessary to make a lot of efforts to become a student, but if you organize your time correctly and pay much attention to learning the necessary materials, you will succeed. Studying is difficult work. However, you will not only get a good education but also receive useful knowledge and life experience at college.


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