The Red Cross: Importance of Volunteering

The Red Cross is a very popular organization that aims to help all people in emergencies. People working at The Red Cross are volunteers that are ready to spend their time and efforts so as to assist others in coping with their problems. These problems aren’t limited to dealing with the consequences of earthquakes or famine in poor countries, as the Red Cross volunteers aim to help everyone who are in need. One of the great things is that the Red Cross propagates the values of compassion, love, good will and sincere sympathy in the whole world, which seems to have forgotten about these merits, being overwhelmed with violence, sexual obsession and all kinds of spiritual degradation and decay. Also, at the Red Cross people are taught to work as a team and act really fast in tough situations.

Strategy 2010supposes the implementation and adherence to the seven key principles: voluntary service, independence, universality, humanity, impartiality, unity, and neutrality. These key principles should become the ideological bases for the existence of any Red Cross organization throughout the world. These seven core principles are rather humanitarian than medical; therefore it is clear to see that the organization has a spiritual focus. Being a part of the Red Cross organization, volunteers should understand that they hold the responsibility for spreading these seven principles among other people.

In the Red Cross, volunteers are needed for disasters and critical situations, such as fire or hurricane. Regional and local Red Cross volunteers spend their time on a daily basis to prepare for the emergency situations that can happen in the future. However, volunteers at the Red Cross are involved in providing emergency help, as well as work diligently to comfort the US Armed Forced families. For instance, they can arrange the communication with the American troops in Iraq and their families. Another form of support is assistance in case of the death of the military men. In such cases the Red Cross can arrange mental health assistance, organize funerals, and provide attended visits to the families.

Other aspect of the Red Cross’ activity is blood supply as the organization is one of the biggest blood suppliers in the world. The Red Cross organization has an outstanding network of services. Another element of its activity is assisting international refugees with food, clothing, shelter, and medications.

It’s important to note, that each regional and local division of the Red Cross organizes 'lifesaving trainings." During this important and fascinating training program, volunteers receive valuable knowledge of CPR, Life Guarding, First Aid and other important techniques. For instance, in St. Joe County, about 11,000 volunteers attended the following course.

As we can see, the impact of the Red Cross on the humanitarian values and the welfare of humanity is huge. Millions of volunteers become a part of this noble organization on a yearly basis. Volunteers of the Red Cross have been making an outstanding contribution to mankind, because they save thousands of lives daily.




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