The Sense of Individual Style

When I posted my Monday’s look on the Instagram, I caught myself thinking that I have never bothered about clothes, and it is true. I have my own attitude towards the meaning of style.

Style Should be Distinctive

Blogger’s individual style is important not only for identification among others but also for recognition on the media. I enjoy it when someone gets good reviews.

I like people whose style seems like a well-organized continuation of who they are. It seems that it is comfortable for them to be in their body and the clothes they are wearing. I admire when a person knows who he/she is and dresses accordingly.

Influence or Disappointment?

There are some recommendations for choosing the right colors and making a distinction between the appropriate and inappropriate outfits. However, these outer elements are not the only things that define one’s individual style. Who we are is more than just the color of our clothes. So what are the defining elements?

As for me, style demonstrates the inner part as much as the external. Physical attractiveness, recognition, and our way of living sharpen our perception and sensitivity. Reaching the agreement with our inner “self” and finding our place in this world are the significant parts of personal style development.

All details are important. The way you combine all elements will define what kind of impression you will make on others. It is not about reproducing somebody’s style. It is about identifying and looking for the way to express yourself.

I am inspired by people who can take risks, who do not care about public opinion, and dress in all the colors and patterns they like. Sometimes, it is enough for me to add some of these details to my look. Sometimes it works well, but in most cases it feels slightly forced.

I have a great practical experience. It would be great if my style represented that. I feel inconvenient wearing a lot of showy or unnecessary ornaments, needless elements, designs that interfere in motion, or spangles that drop off as soon as you barely touch on of them. I think that my outfit should make sense. It does not mean that I dislike adding something extraordinary or flashy, but when I do, I want to feel comfortable, be able to move, and understand the message I am sending with my clothes.

Instagram stardom is very cool, but I am not pursuing it. I know that some people can find my style not interesting, and I can accept that.


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