Three Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Nursing Personal Statement

Before getting started with your nursing personal statement, have a look at the suggested advice and save yourself from these three mistakes. Have you already done a draft of a nursing personal statement? Then it’s a great chance to review your work and improve it if it needs to be changed. Let’s figure out what these three mistakes are and what any professional editor would recommend you take into consideration when writing your nursing personal statement.

  • Forget about an “ordinary” nursing personal statement; make it outstanding as it has to be something not just like the others.
  • Give the reasons why you’ve become so passionate about the nursing field and describe your true interest and love for it.
  •  Mind to point out how you have been preparing for this career.

Any professional editor, whose primary task is to review and critique essays written by medical applicants, is well aware of the level of competitiveness in this field. You’ll definitely improve your chances of being successful in the application process if your personal statement focuses on your passion for the nursing field and avoids three mistakes mentioned above. The more creative and polished your personal nursing statement is, the more is the likelihood of your acceptance. All you need is to do your best to make your application the most memorable ever.

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Personal Statement Nursing Essay Remarks

Make sure your nursing personal statement isn’t an “ordinary” one. It should be written in the way that will make your essay a really remarkable one. How to do that? Just write from your heart so that only blind won’t see how passionate you are about this field. The sentence “I have always wanted to be a nurse.” isn’t the best one to start your essay with. Almost every candidate starts their writing with something like that, which won’t capture much attention of the admission committee. In order to make your essay personal, mention your special motivations and something from your own experience.

The next remark concerns your interest in nursing as a career. An anecdote or a story included in your nursing personal statement will be a clear sign of the way you became interested. It should illustrate your passion for the medical field to the fullest no matter what it will be an accident happened during an internship or family experience.

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The third remark that should be taken into consideration concerns the way you havepreparedfor a career in the medical field. Here you need to show your commitment to nursing filed and your efforts to get practical experience preceding an academic degree. In case you lack volunteer experience, you may mention personal experiences that have motivated your application.

When writing your nursing personal, you need to focus on zeal and dedication for the field. Follow our three suggested remarks above and make your essay unique and professional.


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