Timesaving Tips

Slowly but steadily the semester is coming to the end. Lots of tasks and lack of time. Every minute is worth its weight in gold.

#1 Do not skip the classes. Trying to keep up with the information you missed is not the best variant. Gettingthe notes, copying the notes, trying to assess them, not really understanding, eventually these are the results of the missed class. It takes 3 times longer than just attending the class. Thus, it is better to have a regular attendance.


#2 Plan to do each task once. Do not do the double job. Plan to do the job so that you can do it well the first time. You will be shocked when you realize how much time you can save, if you do not do each task twice.


#3 Have your materials organized.  Have all your materials tidily organized. No matter what it is – a term paper or the notes for cramming before the final. You can lose so much time while searching for the necessary document when all the papers are scattered at random.


#4 Create study groups if necessary. If you have a huge amount of the material to cover and you see that you cannot master it on your own, create a study group and divide the material among the members of the group. Just make sure that you have a clear and common vision how to separate the material correctly.


#5 Shut off the windows. One of the worst things among those that slow down your studying process is clicking on entertaining websites: checking your Facebook page, texting to your friends and watching the score of the last football match. Instead of 15 minutes sufficient for mastering the material, you spend an hour because of the unnecessary surfing the net.


#6 Use “pre-information” clues for tests. Many professors want their students to pass the exams with flying colors. That is why they give lots of useful information about the test in advance: sample questions, explanations from the previous exams, study questions or the questions that are likely to be. You can save much time, if you use such hints.


#7 Go for help at a proper time. If you cannot define your paper topic for a long time (more than 2 weeks), which is too much, then go to the professor in order to assess the topic or narrow down your ideas.


#8 Sort your courses.  The most productive approach is to spend more time on the courses that demand more time – either they are harder or are your major. Accordingly, you should try to limit the loss of time on the easier courses.


#9 Stop when you are done. Keep your eye for the moment when you are really not able to study and just stop. Do not overwork.


#10 Take care of your health. Nobody can study productively when they are sick or devastated. Take care of yourself.


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