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Useful Tips for Writing a Role Model Essay

There are various new types of articles. One of them is a role model essay. It has similar features with a descriptive essay, consists of three parts, however, it focuses its attention on other points. We would like to consider the structure, pros and cons, and the principles of writing it.


Firstly, you should realize the main idea of a role model essay. Thanks to this piece of writing, you have an opportunity to create the perfect model of a person you want to see. It may be a real or an imaginary person. As a rule, people choose someone who motivates and inspires them. Define such one for yourself and think about him / her in general. If you consider your choice well, you will be able to answer such questions as:

Why has this person become your role model?

What does this human do for you or for others?

This part of the essay is the most crucial one, because it is the basis for the next two. In addition, scientists argue that chosen roles could say a lot about your psychological condition and define your hidden problems.


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The next step is to think about your role model features. For example, it may be a kind and honest person. Then try to imagine in which way you can show these features to readers. For instance, you may illustrate it, describing a real situation. The more it will depend on this person the better! Try to find as many elements of character as it is possible. It will make your essay saturated, interesting, and believable.


The last step is to create a desirable impression about your role model. Sometimes it is hard to predict readers' reaction. For instance, you may define features (e.g., honesty, loyalty) that are not appreciated or noticed by others in your model role. Thus, the primary task is to find the way to explain your point of view to your readers, to describe why you believe that this role model is so unique and everyone should know about him / her.

Thus, writing a role model essay will help you to define the values you appreciate in other people, to find the various ways of how to connect with your readers, and to achieve a desirable impression on them! It may be very emotional, which at the same time may become an advantage or disadvantage of your story.


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