Ways to Enjoy Dorm Life on a Budget

It does not matter whether it is the first year of your life in college dorm or you are returning to it after a summer holiday, perspectives are the same: you are going to live on a shoestring budget.

Plan Your Meals

Create such a meal plan that will give you the possibility to eat at an easy rate. One-pot meals can become the solution and is ideal for a dorm life, cheap, and ultimately easy to prepare.

Make Money on Your Old Textbooks

Sell to the freshers the old textbooks, which you do not need any longer. You can sell them at a rather good price e and thus earn decent cash.

Draw up a Budget

 It sounds banal, but creating a worthy budget will be very beneficial in a long run. Puzzle out your bills, see how much you spend on meals, books and find out how much you get left at the end of the week. In this way, you can monitor your expenses.

 Make Some Cash on the Side

Consider a part-time job or a temporary employment. Retailer at the place where you usually shop is a nice option, because you can get a staff discount. Have relationships with the groups on campus that organize different events and earn extra cash.

Make the Most out of Your Library

You can save some money avoiding buying books and get benefits from what your library offers. Make yourself aware with their selection and scan the needed pages so that you would not buy a whole book instead.

Do not be Afraid to Apply for Scholarships

Most of the students have a stereotype that they are doomed to fail applying for the scholarship. These scholarships are quite a big sum of money and you never know whether you are worth of it unless you try. Do not let the fear stop you.

Enjoy Events on Campus for Free

Do you want to have some fun? Colleges usually have free interesting shows or events on campus. So do not spend money, looking for the entertainment outside the campus.

Buy a Printer

Purchasing the printer will pay for itself. Printing at college is not the cheapest activity. So it is better to print the materials required by professors not leaving your dorm room.

Save Your Pennies

Like in those old black-and-white movies, find a jar and throw in all the change you have. When it is full, go to the bank and change it for some folding cash. It is very helpful.

Call Home for Free

If you feel homesick and you are an international student, calling back home can end with extremely high expenses. If you want to have a talk with your friends or family, use free online services like Skype.

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