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Completing term paper task at the end of a school semester is definitely considered to be the most strenuous and stressful task even for the most diligent students. Why? Obviously, because it influences the gradation, it shows your knowledge about a particular course and, what is more, requires time and a set of necessary skills like being good at discovering, selecting, narrowing, summarizing, and sequencing huge amounts of information.  However, do not feel embarrassed because of such a wide range of preferable skills required to create a well-written term paper. Remember that good writing is the matter of practice and motivation to improve. To start with, think of the skeleton of your work creating a term paper outline based on structure and formatting aspects.

Guide to Creating a Term Paper Outline

The pre-writing stage of each written assignment, including college term paper, is the process of drawing an outline of your future paper. This step is necessary to save time when actually grouping and writing down the key points concerning your topic, to stay consistent and logical, and to stick to the main objectives of your work. Your outline should be based on two important aspects: structure and format peculiarities.

Talking about the format of the structure of a term paper, it has quite a standard form of expression regardless the field of study. It consists of the cover page, where you must mention four main points: the title of the paper, course number and instructor, your name and group, and the date. Proceed with abstract, introduction, main body, conclusions and reference sections. Remember that the abstract part shouldn’t be longer than a page and should consist of the description of your paper. In the introduction section of your outline briefly, define specific ideas, terms, concepts, and purpose of your topic that would be interesting and informative for the reader. In the main body part try to explain, analyze, and prove the ideas suggested before. Your conclusive part should be expressed in a more general level. Don’t go into details as for this you have the main body part. Instead, provide the reader with a worthy summary and if possible try influencing their way of perception of a certain phenomenon.

Working on your reference part pay attention to format that will be the most appropriate for your topic. For term papers, it is common to use APA or MLA format. The APA (American Psychological Association) is more used for formatting term papers on social sciences. While, MLA (Modern Language Association) style is more convenient for writing term papers on liberal arts and humanities.

To succeed in writing your college term paper, try sticking to such a systematic approach like working on a term paper outline, which will define the format of your work, in advance. On the other hand, you always have an option to turn for help to professional writing services, whose job is to guarantee their customers with superb term papers.


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