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What Freelance Gigs are and Where to Find Them?

Not everyone knows that blogging is a well-paid job and there are lots of opportunities for blog writers on the Internet. Every blogger can turn his/her hobby into a full-time career.

How Can I Find Blogging Gigs?

To start with, make sure that you pitch relates to the theme of the blog. Make sure that your blog does not use someone else’s idea.

Moreover, it is important to know that each blog has its submission procedure. Normally, you can simply send an e-mail with your blog idea adding you resume, portfolio, and a short description of your previous work experience.

Make the editor believe that you know which posts will attract attention of the readers. Show that you understand what the blog is about and that you can easily complete your task on time.

It is a bad idea to send the same pitch to a couple of blogs at the same time. However, if you get a refusal from one blog, do not hesitate to send it to some other place. The refusal does not mean that your idea is bad. It simply means that it was not the right idea for one blog, while it can sound as a great idea for the other one. Your task is not to give up and find a right publication.


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Look for a Place where You Can Find a Freelance Blogging Gigs

Here are some of such platforms:


It is a great place for a blogger. Here you can find offers for blog writing on a wide range of topics. Travel blog? Veterinary blog? Cooking blog? The website is open for different ideas from freelance writers.


Just like the previous website, BloggingPro offers its users a wide range of opportunities. By using an active list of job offers, you will easily find some gig that will be interesting for you. However, do not lose you time, as there are too many willing freelancers to work for the company.

Be a Freelance Blogger

Be a Freelance Blogger is a portal that offers useful information on how to become a successful freelancer and get paid for blogs writing.

Here you can find a list of blogs that offer high salary for posting for them. You can use the list for both finding a job and improving your blogging skills.

Alexis Grant’s Database

If you are looking for some gigs that can turn your hobby into career, use this database. If you are a talented writer, you can earn up to $50 for each post you write.

Starting freelance career is not as scary as it may seem from the first sight. Apply for some website for freelance writers and start you blogging career now!


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