What is Success

Success means a lot for many people. Worldbook, a popular online publication, states that success is a desired result achieved through completing goals. However, a successful identity can’t be obtained from your successful feat. It is not about what you accomplish, rather how you feel about it. It is all about being happy.

If a man flashbacks the whole his/her career and is satisfied with it, he/she would be regarded as successful. Logically, if a man is disappointed at not fulfilling desirable things, he/she would not be considered successful. There is no success without happiness. If you achieve your aims, you become more successful. Consider that he more significant goals you fulfill, the more happiness there will be in your life. Quite a great example can be the aims of a football team. If they set a goal to win a local championship and achieved it, they would be successful. However, if they won the championship, but didn’t set a record, they had strived to set, the team would not consider it as a success.

It doesn’t matter whether the goals you are eager to achieve are small or big – to be successful, you must achieve all of them. You must work really hard, struggle and sometimes fight for your aim. If, after several years of working and promoting through a career ladder, you finally got the desired position, it would be a success. However, if a friend-director of yours helped you get this position without your effort, for sure, you wouldn’t feel much success. You must commit yourself to the desired success. It can’t be gifted or paid-up. The student, passing a test excellently with his/her knowledge, would see it as success, whereas the one who got excellent, but cheated wouldn’t.

Surely, a football team, first winning a stronger team and then losing to a weaker one, isn’t considered successful. Success must be consistent. Your achievements must be followed up by greater achievements. A runner, winning the first race and losing the next two, can’t be called successful because of inconsistency.

If a student, did hi/her best to get excellent marks but failed, isn’t successful. However, his/her desire is praiseworthy; only the lack of positive achievements prevents him/her from being successful. That desired feeling can be only achieved after completing your tasks. If the goals are not met, then it is a pure failure.

There is one more, quite an interesting type of success – winning money. If you get the money through winning, can it be called a success? You buy a lottery and set yourself a goal to win. Then, if you achieve this goal, you obviously feel happy. However, we can’t call such a person successful. You can ask: Why? Even if your aim was fulfilled, it is all about working your way to success. In this case, you have no control over winning or losing. Achieving means struggling and realizing the outcomes. Keep in mind that only the result will bring you joy and not the process of completing the tasks. It is all about accomplishing the achievements.


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