What Will You Tell Your Younger Self

Being a fresh comer in college and university is a stressing thing. Even more stressing is writing the first essay. Your dorm mates can undervalue your worries, until they find out that it takes one third of your final grade. Of course, for experienced students, this task does not sound so difficult and challenging, but a first year student has to understand and analyze a lot in order to complete it well.

Meet the Deadline

The first thing you should consider is that no delay is tolerated. Even if it seems that you have enough time, do not postpone working at your essay. You do not know what can happen later. Other professors can unexpectedly provide you with many tasks or you may get sick. Moreover, it is always better to reread your piece of writing in a day or two after completion in order to proofread it and make minor plot correction.

Choose a Title from the Professor’s List

To get a high module grade, you should not only write a nice piece, but also you should do it according to all requirements. It is very important. Clarify the title and outline of your work with your professor before you start. Otherwise, you can get a zero even for a well-done essay, if it is out of topic. Following the requirements is the most important demand of each academic writing assignment.


Each academic task has strict recommendations. Length is one of them. If you are asked to write a 4,000-word essay, it should be exactly of this length. For the first time, it can be hard to get used to such requirements, but following the necessary words account is another key to getting a high mark for your essay. To make the task easier, you can consider beforehand how many words for each item of your essay outline you should write. In such way, you will separate one huge task into several smaller ones.


Every time you receive a writing task, your professor will ask you to complete it according to a specific formatting style. There are several of them, for example, APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and you should follow the requirements of your instructor. The detailed rules of each of them are available online.


Another strict requirement for all writing academic assignments is no plagiarism. Of course, you can use books, articles and researches of other authors in your essay, but you should cite them properly and include them in the reference at the end of your essay. Citations should not take more than 20% of your words account; therefore, learn how to paraphrase and express notions in own words.

You have the main points. Now you should start the research of your topic and complete your writing. Check whether you have not missed something before you hand in your first essay. Do your best!


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