Same-Sex Marriages

Times change, and social norms change too. There was a time when women struggled for the right to vote and study. There was a time when black people struggled for freedom and racial equality with the whites.


Those who speak against the same-sex marriages emphasize the fact that it would weaken the status of marriage in general. They add that only unity of a man and a woman can lead to a new life - the main aim of the marriage itself. Moreover, the same-sex marriages contradict sacred writings, which bless only the mixed-sex relations. Many people point at an immoral side of the issue and demonstrate apprehension that the legality of the same-sex marriages will make gay and lesbian relations even more common than they are today.


Those who are compassionate state that traditional marriage with its divorces, blended families, polygamy and cohabitation has lost its sacred function. Consequently, the same-sex marriages would not influence it so much as it is believed. The second reason lies in the rights, freedoms, and choices. Two adults are able to make their decisions with whom to live and share the bed. Society is not required to popularize this position, but it should protect gays and lesbians’ rights too.

 Significance of the Legality

One of the key functions of legislation is law protection. When people talk about children, they should not forget that many same-sex marriages already have children from the previous relations and that they should be protected by law. Society cannot discriminate them. Moreover, happy same-sex legal marriages can adopt children who are waiting for their parents in the orphanages. Many same and mixed-sex couples choose to live together without a law permission. In some way, it makes the situation easier, but when the matter comes to not only saying “Yes, I do” but also to the right of visiting your partner in the hospital, inheritance, filling taxes jointly and nurturing children, they understand the significance of legislation and the opportunities it gives and takes. Same-sex couples have the right to benefit from a marriage certificate too.  

 It is difficult to take the supporters' viewpoints and ignore the opponent’s ones. Each side has its ratio, but in the modern yearning to be loyal and equal to everyone’s rights society, the same-sex marriages should be allowed. The details of the reasons are described in the previous paragraphs. In their turn, the opponents of such a decision should not protest but create social and educational projects and programs to help to make traditional marriages stronger and sacred as they are supposed to be. There is so much to be done in the family institute improvement today, besides struggles for/against the same-sex marriages.    



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