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Synopsis provides a concise but informative summary of a book, film, article or other types of narrating. Unlike a review, the purpose of creating a synopsis is not to merely entertain, but to provide an agent and a publisher with specific details about your work in order to convince them to accept it. If you want your novel or manuscript to merit serious consideration, hiring synopsis writers with the help of our services is the best solution. Our professional writers who provide a high-class synopsis writing service online understand all of the proper techniques and writing strategies that will get your work noticed. Give a try and buy a synopsis at an affordable price!

The submission of a synopsis is also an essential requirement for students pursuing a Ph.D. program. This document is of utmost importance as it serves as a justification for the relevance and significance of the proposed research. Consequently, the knowledge of how to write a synopsis is of utmost importance, as the quality of this paper determines the approval or rejection of a research proposal. The primary objective of a synopsis is to persuade an evaluation committee about the credibility, practicality, and importance of a potential research project. This document should demonstrate the alignment of the chosen topic with the overall research domain while also highlighting its substantial value. It is crucial to note that any inadequately prepared or poorly presented synopsis can lead to a waste of the writer's diligent efforts. However, when you buy a synopsis online from, you gain access to some of the most creative minds in the academic writing industry, who are capable of producing brilliant papers regardless of their topics or complexity.


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Defining the Notion of a Synopsis

A synopsis is a concise summary of the discoveries, facts and goals of a particular situation, plan, investigation. Its purpose is to provide the reader with a quick and comprehensive overview of that investigation, plan, etc. Essentially, a synopsis offers a "general view" of the subject matter at hand. It serves as a condensed version of a book or a brief outline of a story, giving the reader an understanding of what to expect.

  • In the context of book writing, a synopsis reveals a cohesive plotline and the emotional journey undertaken by the main characters. The primary objective of synopsis writing is to capture the essence of the story or the core theme of the written piece.
  • In case of a novel, it should present a cohesive plot and include the emotional journey of the main characters. 
  • As for the PhD thesis synopsis, it serves as a blueprint for a research project, mainly undertaken during a doctoral pursuit. Its fundamental objective is to provide an overview of the research's areas it focuses on as well as the key elements to get approval for the investigation.

Summarizing an entire novel or dissertation into two pages or a single page, or even less, can be quite challenging, often requiring the expertise of a professional. Nowadays, one can readily find and hire a synopsis writer via an online platform and be confident of his/her success. A captivating book synopsis, capable of sustaining the reader's interest, has a higher likelihood of capturing their attention and urge them to explore the full story, as opposed to a poorly created one.

What Does an Effective Synopsis Involve?

Any synopsis should encompass the essence of a lengthy document and condense it into just one-two pages. This aspect is considered especially challenging in synopsis writing as it proves quite difficult to encapsulate the content of a 100-page thesis/dissertation within a few pages. To refine their skills in writing a synopsis, students are frequently assigned such tasks as creating a concise summary for a short story, article, book, novel, movie, or screenplay.

Here are four elements of a good synopsis:

  • It should be written in the same objective manner as a news reporter.
  • It includes the key points or ideas that best capture the purpose of the work.
  • The important information or plot details should be revealed since the agent/publisher will want to know whether readers and audiences will understand and receive it well.
  • Highlights the originality of the work. After all, nobody will want to publish a novel or produce a movie that has already been done over and over again.

If you find yourself facing such an academic requirement without a clue on how to write a synopsis properly, you can rely on our PhD thesis synopsis writing service. We specialize in providing top-notch assistance in writing synopses.

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Learn How to Format Synopses Properly

Formatting rules can vary, depending on the educational institution. Generally, synopses must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Word Count: The synopsis should contain between 500-800 words.
  • Spacing: Choose either single or 1.5 line spacing.
  • Margins: Set the margins to 1 inch.
  • Font Type and Size: Utilize Times New Roman, with a 12-point font size.
  • Indentation: Remember to indent paragraphs.
  • Language: Use grammatically correct, clear and neutral language.
  • Characters' Names: One should capitalize and emphasize the characters' names through bold formatting.

Additionally, consider including a brief title snippet at the top of the synopsis. Thus, if no specific instructions are given by your professor, you can follow these guidelines. However, if your professor provides specific directions, be sure to adhere to them. Below you will find tips on what to avoid in order to create great synopses.

Common Mistakes when Writing a Synopsis

Although there is no set guidelines in terms of the length of the synopsis, agents and committees are typically not interested in reading something more than a page or two long single-spaced. If you are doing this as an assignment, your instructor will most likely specify this. Nevertheless, here are some of the biggest mistakes that writers make when writing a synopsis:

  • Including details about minor characters or subplots that have little bearing on the overall narrative. While you want the reader to have a very good idea about the story, you need to keep in mind that the amount of room on the page is limited.
  • Editorializing the work or turning it into an advertisement. When writing a synopsis, just stick to the facts about the story or article and avoid interjecting opinions.
  • Keeping the "shocking ending" a secret. Remember, an agent or producer will want to know that you have a plan to wrap up the narrative in a logical, coherent, feasible way. This means you will need to give away the story, important spoilers included.

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