It is a formidable task for students to organize their essays in a proper way. They struggle not only to write introduction, main body and conclusion but also to put these parts in the correct order. In addition, for many foreigners, it is difficult to express their opinions with the help of UK English as this language is not their native language. Why? The biggest problem is lack of strategy. That is why we are providing some pieces of advice, which help to get to know how to create a strong UK essay. In addition, there is a great opportunity not only to learn some rules but also to buy essays online UK from the best essay writers UK. In modern world, it is a very helpful service as it creates all conditions for combining theory with practice, getting the examples of the best uk essay to follow and saving a lot of time.

Firstly, we will concentrate our attention on the pattern of effective essay writing uk. It is necessary to take into consideration that all English essays should have:

  • Introduction with strong thesis statement (the last sentence in the introduction)
  • Main body (with strong arguments that prove or disapprove thesis)
  • Conclusion

Introduction is a paragraph, in which the writer presents the audience what to expect in the main body of the writing. He or she tries to grab attention of the readers. There are many techniques for it. Some of them are addressing the reader directly, mentioning background information, asking a rhetorical question, stating the reason for writing.

Main body is a set of paragraphs, which task is to prove or disapprove the thesis. The paragraph in main body should start with topic sentence, which presents the main idea of it. The main element of the paragraph is argument. The argument should be explained with the help of examples. Mostly often used type of main body is three factors type. The pattern of it can be described in such a way:

  • Argument
  • Argument
  • Counterargument

Such structure gives an opportunity to reveal the issue from different points of view.

Conclusion is the paragraph that sums up all arguments and counterarguments. It states whether the thesis is right or wrong. To make the conclusion more interesting, it is necessary to use such techniques in it as: making a thought – provoking statement, making a prediction for the future, summarizing the main opinion, asking a rhetorical question, and making reference to further action.

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