Writing essays is the mostly spread assignment in modern colleges or universities. That is why each student should know how to write a paper correctly and clearly. The paper structure consists of three main parts. The first one is introduction. In introduction, you need to demonstrate the main idea of your paper.

You must explain why the topic you have chosen is so important in modern world. The main body of the paper is divided into several paragraphs which must show different points of view about the topic. You need to use interesting and reliable sources in your work. That is why you should use such sources of information as scientific publications, books, modern newspapers, peer-reviewed journals and articles, etc. You should use only simple notions and terms in your paper. In this case, you will be able to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. The conclusion of a paper is a short summary of materials you have used. You should be attentive and try to avoid colloquial expressions, repetitions, spelling and grammar mistakes in your papers.

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