System of Discounts

The discount program we offer can be likened to secret treasure in the wonderful world of essay writing.

The first time you enter our world, that is when you first order a custom paper, it all seems quite miraculous. We welcome each new customer's order with an attractive discount. The more papers you order, the more generous our discounts become and the more delighted you will be. You are likely to be pleased with our great generosity. It means that we offer a good discount scheme that enables you to pay lower prices for papers the longer you cooperate with us. Needless to say, there are no traps in the form of hidden costs to surprise you.

You profit more from repeat or regular orders. Thus, each time you purchase a custom paper from our company, you will get a good deal.

If your order amounts to 15 pages, we will give you a 5% reduction on the next orders you place.

Where your order amounts to 30 pages, we will give you a 10% reduction on your next orders.

If you order 50 pages in total, we will give you a 15% reduction on your next orders!

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