In order to make it through your college career, your professors throw all sorts of assignments at you. This can include intensive research papers, midterms, finals, Power Point presentations, book/movie reviews, and diploma papers. There is an endless number of topics to choose from. Controversial issues like the death penalty, abortion, government policies are popular topics. The main purposes writing essay papers are to measure the student’s understanding about a subject and their ability to organize it in a clear manner. You must discuss the pros and cons of a position and use reliable sources to support it. It is standard for an essay to start with an introduction that tells the reader what issue is going to be examined, the main body that consists of roughly three paragraphs that lays out the key points, and the conclusion that summarizes the issue and discusses its implications. Depending on the class you are taking, you might have to structure your essay in scientific form and include statistical data and charts. Beyond proper structure, it is important to avoid using unprofessional language such as slang terms or other informal words. It is also essential to use variety; repetition will make the paper look dull. Using run-on sentences is a sure way to confuse the reader. Keep the sentences succinct and make sure they get to the point of the matter.

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