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At Supreme-Essay.net, hiring standards are extremely high and strict. We have already mentioned that out writers have to hold a Master’s or PhD degree. They also have to have substantial experience in the writing sphere. To join our team of professional writers, an applicant has to take a few special tests to prove his/her aptitude. If an applicant passes the tests, he or she has to attend a special training course. We also make it clear for every writer that plagiarism is not tolerated at our company and anyone caught using unoriginal text in their works will be fired immediately! Every single paper has to go through a special plagiarism detection program to make sure we provide our customers with authentic works only! All of our essay writers have demonstrated their dedication to creating 100% original works for our customers. Using our services, you should always remember that we are a high quality-oriented company.

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Each paper you purchase from Supreme-Essay.net is not only guaranteed to be written from scratch and meet your requirements, but also to be priced reasonably. Apart from that, we also offer a number of discounts to make our customers even happier. Thus, every time you buy an essay from us, you are entitled to various discount offers, not matter whether you are a new customer or a regular one. We want students to save not only their precious time, but also their money.

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By purchasing papers from our company our customers are provided with some guarantees. Some of them include on-time delivery, discounts, professional staff, free revisions (within 2 days after the due date), and a money back guarantee. You can find out more information by reading our Terms and Conditions. You can also contact one of our customer support representatives. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have tried other writing companies before and are unsatisfied with the custom writing industry, please let us change you impression to a positive one. We pride ourselves in being absolutely customer satisfaction oriented. Do not procrastinate and contact us now. We promise that you will be happy to work with us!


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