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  • +The order form does not update. I cannot successfully submit my paper.

    Double-check the attached files section to see whether there are no big files attached. Most probably, you have exceeded the allowed minimum files size. In the latter case, send your files to our customer support representatives via live chat or email.

  • +I have picked wrong order type/paper length/urgency, etc. What should I do in this case?

    Clients cannot edit their order placement form once they have submitted it. Therefore, you will need assistance from our customer support agents. Contact them and explain the issue. If the changes in the order placement form affect the total price of the order, you will be recommended to pay a compensation. It can happen in cases when you need to shorten the deadline or when you require additional pages to your order, etc.

  • +I require a longer paper. Can I order more pages?

    Definitely, just contact our customer support team, indicate the order ID, and inform us how many more pages are needed. You can also go through this process on your own: just log into your profile, go to the needed order and press the “Additional Order” button.

  • +How do I know if the writer is assigned to work on my paper or not?

    When the paper has been assigned to some writing expert, you will be able to see his/ her writer`s ID in the “Order Details” field.

  • +Can I get a draft of my order?

    Yes, sure. We normally provide one-page drafts and they are delivered after 50% of the set deadline has passed. Keep in mind that a draft option can be received at an additional payment.

  • +How can I send a revision request?

    Our company provides a free revision option that is available within two days after the order delivery for short orders and 30 days after the order delivery for long orders (20 pages and more). You can request a revision of a specific order by going to the “My Orders” section. You need to find the needed order ID and click the “Request revision” button. When asking your assigned writer to revise your paper, please consider that you should not change initially sent instructions. You should also inform your writer on the deadline for revision.

  • +How can I update my account and change the phone number/ email address/ password, etc.?

    Log in to your personal account and click the “Edit Profile” button. Make the necessary changes and save updates.

  • +How long do I have to wait till a writer is assigned to work on my paper?

    Our company`s administration goes the extra mile to find a writer within the shortest terms possible. Depending on the complexity of instructions or deadline, it may take from a few minutes to a few hours.

  • +I want my essay to be revised but the free time for revision has already expired. Can I still request a revision of my paper?

    Sure, you can send a revision in this case as well, but with extra payment. You just have to place a new order and choose the “Revision”order type.

  • +Can I talk with my assigned writing expert?

    You cannot talk with your writer on the phone whatsoever, but you can message him/her directly via the messaging system on the company website. If there are some urgent cases, you can turn to our live chat support and they will forward your message to the writer.

  • +Where can I download my finished essay?

    Go to your personal cabinet, click the “Completed orders” section and find the right paper ID. Additionally, you will be emailed a link to a completed paper.

  • +Can I address you for help with my online test?

    Our company's professionals can provide not only help with academic writing tasks but also with online tests and exams. You need to place an order, indicate the correct order type, i.e. “Online test,” and then send all the files and materials needed for the writer to study in order to pass the test successfully. When placing the order, indicate the specific time of the test, your time zone, and your credentials to the website.

  • +Can I order a coding task from you?

    No, we do not provide coding assignments or any other tasks related to programming or development of applications.

  • +Do I get any notifications of my orders?

    Yes, we send email notifications when there are any activities in your account. More so, you may receive notifications via SMS or calls.

  • +How can I see that a writer is working on my paper?

    You can check whether a writer was assigned to work on your paper in your personal profile. Just go to the list of your orders, find the necessary order ID, and check the order details. If a writer has been assigned, you will see his/ her ID in the corresponding field. Besides, you can check the order status. “Processing” means that the order is being worked on. “Payment confirmation” means that you have not paid for the order yet or that the payment has not been successfully processed. “Sent” or “Completed” means that you are welcome to download the paper from your profile.

  • +When will I get my paper?

    While filling the order placement form, you must have indicated the deadline. It means that your order will be uploaded on the due date.

  • +I encounter troubles when placing an order on your website.

    From our experience, the most widespread reason for that is that you exceed the allowed size of the attached files. As such, the page will not reload or it will stay gray. To prevent these cases from happening, try to send all files (especially if there are many of them) to our customer support agents via email. They, in turn, will forward the files to your assigned writer.

  • +Where will my assigned writer upload the paper?

    You will be able to find the finished work in your personal account in the “Completed Orders” section. The paper will appear there according to the deadline.

  • +I have troubles progressing with the payment procedure. What could be the problem?

    Try using another web browser. If it does not help, try another credit/debit card or contact your bank for help. You may address our support team to get more information about the matter.

  • +Do you send papers earlier if writers finish them before the deadline?

    According to the company`s rules, we adhere to the deadlines, so our clients should expect the papers closer to the due date. In case you need a paper urgently, you need to inform the customer support agents about that and pay a compensation afterwards. The compensation is needed so that your writer could prioritize your work and finish it earlier.

  • +Do you send out completed papers via email?

    Upon completion, a paper is uploaded to the system, and you can later find it in your personal account in the section of completed files. Additionally, you will get an email with a link to your completed assignment.

  • +Do I have to pay additional price for the preferred writer even if I have purchased a supreme level of services?

    According to the policies, the supreme level of writing predetermines that one of top 30 writers can be assigned to complete your academic paper. If you liked some specific writer, who has already done some projects for you, you can choose him/her as your preferred one. Our Writing Department will ensure to allocate that specialist to your paper straight away. By the way, you will receive a comprehensible report on plagiarism from us.

  • +I do not want to leave my telephone number. Can I do that?

    We do not oblige any person to leave a phone number. Still, you are highly recommended to do that because sometimes there are urgent cases when we need to contact the client for some updates, clarifications or information.

  • +Is there a possibility that my personal and contact details will be shared with other people?

    Definitely not. We strongly adhere to the privacy policy, so we do not disclose any data about our writers or customers. We store all details in full confidentiality, so be sure that nobody will ever know that you have been cooperating with our company. Writers and clients do not even know the names, genders, and contact details of each other.

  • +Within the given free time for revision, do I only get a chance to send one revision request?

    No, there is no limitation concerning the number of revisions you can send. The only thing you should consider is how much time is left to send a revision.

  • +Can I be certain about the originality of content?

    Our company strictly adheres to the principles of academic integrity, so each paper delivered to our clients is totally free from plagiarism and custom-written. We thoroughly check each paper via anti-plagiarism software, so you can be sure of the authenticity of writing.

  • +Who will work on my paper?

    We have a great team of academic writing specialists who have different educational and professional backgrounds. They specialize in a variety of disciplines, which ensures that our clients can place orders on any topic. Besides, we have writers who can cope with the papers of different academic levels: high school, college, university, Master`s, PhD, etc.

  • +How I can know whether my essay was edited and proofread or not?

    When you purchase VIP services, you can tick the provided option “Get an order proofread by an editor.” In this case, you will need to pay extra for this option. Editorial check is guaranteed in this case: once the writer completes the order, it will be forwarded to the proofreader.

  • +How can I check whether my paper is being worked on?

    You can check this information in the order details. The order has the “New” status when it has not been assigned to the writer yet. It then changes into “Processing” after you have paid for the order and the writer has started working on it. When the writer is completed, it has the “Sent” status. When you buy VIP services, you will also get notifications via SMS.

  • +I have made a mistake in the order registration process and have indicated a wrong due date. I need my paper earlier, so can my writer do that?

    If you want to get your paper earlier, please keep in mind that you will have to pay a compensation for the difference in days. As soon as you pay for the urgency, your writer will work on your paper faster and will deliver it according to the new deadline.

  • +I ordered a paper from you once, and I really liked how one of your writers completed my paper. Now I want to order from them again. Is it possible to choose him/ her?

    You can choose that writer by paying 15% additionally for the preferred writer option. You have to find his/her writer`s ID in the details of the previous order and insert them into the field of the current order.

  • +What are your company's responsibilities?

    After a customer has placed an order with us, we are responsible for finding a writer who best matches the client`s qualifications, major, and requirements. Besides, we provide 24/7 customer support services, which means that we are accessible at any time of the day or night. What is even more important, we guarantee a thorough plagiarism check and on-time delivery of papers.

  • +Can your writers help me write a complicated assignment?

    Yes, our writers can assist in writing of the most complex tasks — no matter whether it is high school or PhD level. If you want to be sure, you can send us instructions beforehand and we will update you on whether we can find a writer for your paper.

  • +I cannot complete the order payment process. What might be the reason?

    From time to time, clients may get a payment or authorization error, which means that you should try some other credit/debit card or use the other web browser. If it does not help you, the best option would be to contact your bank company.

  • +The order does not proceed. I am trying to submit the order, but the page stays grey.

    If you have attached some files, they most probably exceed the allowed size. So, send all attached materials via email to the customer support agents. In their turn, they will forward the files to your assigned writer.

  • +I paid for the paper, but the message pops up that I need to pay.

    There may be some error on the website, so check your inbox for the payment receipt and forward it to us. If you have not found such message, look at your banking information, specifically whether money for the procedure was withdrawn. If no money was withdrawn, then there might have been some mistake in the payment process, so you will have to pay once again.

  • +I want to double-check for sure if your writers can cope with my assignment. Can I do it beforehand?

    Definitely, before you place an order, you can send us your paper instructions in order to be certain that our writers can cope with such task.

  • +It is possible not to provide my phone number?

    Of course, it is. We cannot make our customers do that, but keep in mind that if you do not provide us with valid contact information, we will not be able to get in touch with you in some urgent cases.

  • +I got a message that my order will be refunded. How much time should I wait till I get my money back?

    On average, it takes from three to five business days for our financial department to handle the refund request. However, it depends on your banking specifics how fast the process will be.

  • +How can I get in touch with my writer?

    You can use direct messaging system in your personal account. To send a message in this case, you will need to log into your cabinet. If you are not able to do that, you are welcome to contact our live chat support for help and ask them to forward your message to the writer.

  • +Where can I find my completed order?

    The final papers are available in your personal account in the “Completed Orders” section. You will need to find the ID of your order and download the final paper from there. If the deadline has already expired, but you cannot find a finished paper there, be sure that you should contact our customer support representatives.

  • +When will I get the written essay?

    All papers are delivered to clients according to the indicated deadline. If you have forgotten what deadline you have set for your order, go to your personal cabinet, find the needed order ID, and check the deadline. Expect your paper at around that time.

  • +Can your writer buy books necessary for the task preparation?

    According to our company`s policy, clients should provide all materials to their assigned writers. If there is no book or article in free access online, then a customer should buy it and send to the writer.

  • +I wanted to submit the order registration form for a few times, but it still does not proceed. What should I do about it?

    Try to reload the page and double-check whether there are files attached to the order form. Sometimes, when the files exceed the allowed size, the page will not reload. So, try to send all those files via email ( or Live Chat.

  • +My professor asked me to add a page to my essay. How can I ask my writer to do that?

    Log into your personal cabinet, find the necessary order ID, and submit an additional order to it. Specify the number of pages that should be added. Be sure that you will have to pay a compensation for the additional page(s). If you have some difficulties, please contact the customer support center and they will help you in the process.

  • +I have just noticed that I indicated the wrong deadline when placing the order. Can I edit the order details?

    Clients cannot freely adjust the order details once they have submitted the order registration form. However, the order details can be altered with assistance of customer support representatives. In case you need to shorten the deadline, you will have to pay extra for the difference. Be ready to place a compensation order.

  • +What order type should I choose if I notice that my order instructions are different from the range of orders provided?

    If you need help finding out what order type your paper can be classified as, you can turn to our live chat support for help. Just send them your requirements and they will get back to you with clarifications.

  • +Can I get a guarantee that my paper will be free from plagiarism?

    Yes, sure, because anti-plagiarism policy is one of the most valued and followed by our company. We adhere to the principles of academic integrity, and we value originality and authenticity of ideas. So, your papers are assigned to most professional writers who can cope with it adequately. They will carry out original research and write the paper from scratch. Custom-oriented approach is guaranteed.

  • +Do you maintain confidentiality of your services?

    Yes, the custom writing services we provide are confidential, where no personal or contact details are ever disclosed. None of your data will be shared to the third parties.

  • +Will I get my paper on time?

    Sure, as we always guarantee timely delivery of orders no matter how complicated or urgent they are. However, we encourage our customers to be mindful of choosing the deadline since it must be realistic when it comes to paper requirements.

  • +Can I discuss the price for the order?

    We have a fixed pricing policy, and we have outlined a list of factors that impact the total price. These are paper type, length, deadline, format, and complexity among others. However, if you want to get an order for cheap, monitor the special offers and discounts on the website.

  • +If I have some clarifications, questions or updates, can I talk with my writer?

    Clients cannot communicate with writers on the phone, but they have a direct messaging system for communication. To do that, you only have to be logged into your account and use the messenger.

  • +I cannot progress with the order registration form. Why may I have this problem?

    One of the common reasons is the attached files that exceed the allowed size. Check on how many files you have attached. If they are large, it is better to send them via email to the customer support agents. They will then forward the materials to your assigned writer.

  • +I am going to have an online test. It lasts for an hour, and I would like a professional to take the test for me. Can you help me with that?

    We have writers on our team who complete online exams and tests from time to time. What you have to do before placing your order is reach our support agents to clarify whether there is an available writer to take your test.

  • +Can I receive a refund as bonus credits? How can I utilize them?

    If you want to get your refund in form of bonuses, you have to inform the live chat support of your decision. Once you have agreed on that with the company administration, you will be able to use the bonus system for payments for your orders (full or partial).

  • +When will I receive my essay? How can I download the finished paper?

    When you fill in the order registration form, you have a chance to pick the deadline, i.e. the time of your paper delivery. As such, your assigned writer will stick to the deadline, and will this upload the paper on the due date. When the paper is completed and uploaded to the system, you will receive an email notification about that. You will have to log into your personal account to download the paper.

  • +What order type should I indicate when placing the paper?

    When you read your paper instructions carefully, you may find it easier to identify what order type your paper is. However, if it is still confusing for you to find out, you are welcome to rely on assistance from our customer support team. Just forward them your instructions and they will know for sure what paper type to select.

  • +Do you guarantee any certainty for me that I will receive a premium-quality paper that deserves an A?

    We never promise grades since they are subjective, and we can never be sure how your professor evaluates papers. However, what we guarantee is the amazing quality of services. We boast our expert team of writers, where all of them hold Master`s or PhD academic degrees. Besides, if you are a first-time customer who doubts in whether it is safe to order from us, you can check sample papers on our website.

  • +Can I get my paper earlier?

    According to our company`s rules, you can apply for early delivery of orders only at an additional price. When you shorten the deadline, you will need to pay a compensation. If you do not pay the compensation, the paper will be delivered according to the deadline you have originally set.

  • +Who will be working on my assignment?

    When looking for a writer who can handle your paper in the best way, we pay attention to such criteria as his/her professional and academic background, academic degree, and experience in a specific subject area. As such, on our part, we do our best to ensure that your paper is completed by a real professional in the given research field.

  • +Can I find out whether you can complete my assignment before I register my order with you?

    Just send us your order description and our customer support agents will find out if we have a writer who is willing and qualified enough to cope with your paper.

  • +Can I get any details about your pricing policy?

    The price depends on a variety of factors, including the order type, academic complexity, paper length, and deadline among others. All in all, the pricing policy is fixed. If you want to find out how much your order will cost, you need to use the online calculator on the website or check the section “Prices.”

  • +How will I get the finished paper?

    The files can be found in your personal profile in the completed papers. If you cannot log into the website for some reason, the paper will be forwarded to you via email.

  • +I have written a part of my academic paper, but I cannot finish it on my own. Can I get help from you with that?

    Yes, our writers can finish your order. Just send us the instructions, the very order (the part you have written), and you will get the order completed soon. You can also contact the live chat support for help if needed.

  • +What work schedule do you have?

    The company operates 24/7, so you are free to place orders with us at any time of the day or night.

  • +Is it possible to place urgent papers with you?

    Definitely. Our company`s writers can work according to tight deadlines, so you are welcome to rely on us for help. Please consider that the deadlines should be realistic according to the paper descriptions. One of our main priorities is to be able to deliver papers on time.

  • +I want my order to be handled by a specific writer. How can I ask him/ her to do that?

    You need to log in to your private account, find the ID of the writer who completed the order for you previously, and then insert the writer`s ID into the new order placement form. A preferred writer option is paid additionally — extra 15%.

  • +Can I request revision if my paper needs to be modified/adjusted?

    We offer a free revision option that is available within 48 hours from the time the order was delivered. This period is extended if the paper is long (20 pages and more) to 30 days. In cases when this period has expired, you just have to place an order on the website and choose the “Revision” order type. You need to pay an additional price if you place such revision.

  • +Can you guarantee that I will get an excellent grade?

    No, we never guarantee any grades whether As, Bs or Cs. We cannot foresee how your teacher will grade your paper. We can only guarantee top quality of writing and correspondence to the instructions. Besides, we guarantee timely delivery of papers, plagiarism-free content and 24/7 customer support.

  • +Is there a possibility to check my paper for plagiarism with you?

    Your papers can be scanned for copied material by for free during one year if you buy “The Plagiarism Check” option included in the VIP package.

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