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The term “reaction paper” refers to a genre of writing that demonstrates good writing and critical thinking skills. The aim of a correctly written reaction essay is to respond in a well-organized way to a particular work or text. It is important that students do their best to write successful reaction essays that demonstrate their ability to react to an issue raised by the creator or author of a work. The primary objective for the writer is to analyze and compare the main ideas, opinions, positions, and beliefs set out in a specific text in relation to their own ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc. Still, a good reaction or response paper need not focus solely on the points mentioned above. It is acceptable for the writer to agree with the beliefs or opinions of another author. Above all, the writer should adhere to the instructions their teachers give them since the instructions are different for this type of paper than for other types.


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To produce a good reaction paper, the writer should follow a number of steps. Firstly, you need to read the work you will be discussing or writing about attentively. We recommend you make notes on the author’s main opinions, ideas, beliefs, and positions. You need to determine if you agree with the text’s author or disagree with them. Secondly, you need to examine the text and choose from it ten key items of evidence that directly relate to your position. It is worth remembering that, in terms of length, a reaction essay is not usually very long; hence, you should choose only those pieces of evidence that are the strongest to support your own position. Thirdly, you should remain focused on the need to write a precise summary of the given text. This means it is necessary to include important facts from the targeted text. It is usual to include these last items of information in the paper’s introductory section. Some of the information that needs to be mentioned here are the text’s title, the name of the author, and the publication date. Your own reaction should appear in the main body paragraphs with emphasis placed on your position towards the specific issues covered in the text.

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