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You can be sure that each cheap custom essay you order online from is written originally from start to finish. Furthermore, we will also take into consideration any requirements that you have specified, to produce a non-plagiarized essay. When you request writing help from us, then you are guaranteed a unique document, at a low price.

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We ensure you that writers are forbidden from using pre-written material when constructing your essay, including non-original work from the Internet. We appreciate that when you request an essay online from us, it should not put you at risk of being excluded from your academic institution due to plagiarism. After all, plagiarism is considered the number one enemy for schools, colleges, and universities all around the world, including particularly, the USA, the UK, and Canada. If you are caught at cheating even once, then it may lead to a complete loss of reputation among parents, teachers, and other students. This is why we ensure you will receive a non-plagiarized essay when you order from us as we highly value both your and our reputation equally. We have many years of experience, and we do not want to risk losing customers by providing them with copied work. So, when you buy from us at, you can be sure that our talented team of writers are producing a piece of work, only for your benefit.   

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Our guarantee of originality applies to any type of academic work we produce for you. For example, if you are writing essays on any subject, at any level, and at any institution, we are able to offer this assurance. We write unique term papers, book reports, research proposals, research essays, and much more. All of these will never be created using the cut-and-paste approach, which is the technique employed by many of our rivals. Of course, whilst ideas can be developed using reliable internet sources, journals, textbooks, or fictional books if relevant, the essays you receive will not involve the copying of any such sources word for word. In addition, we provide properly sourced materials, all documented in a reference list.

We have a special process for the detection of plagiarism in the work we provide for you. After the writer has carefully crafted the work to your satisfaction, it is then run through our unique detection system, which is able to detect any amount of fraudulent copying present. Our team of editors then double check the work, in addition to revising it for simple errors. If you are unconvinced, of course, you can try to paste an extract from our essays into a standard search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. and you will not find anything resembling this in the searches. By using our detection system, we can also check your own works for plagiarism if you wish; just contact us now.

Maybe, you have already been a victim of a company claiming to offer non-plagiarized essays? We understand how students feel when they pay money for high quality work, only to receive a poor 'copy and paste' attempt. We feel your pain, and appreciate that the owning a plagiarised essay is actually considered a punishable offence! This is why we offer you only unique essays.

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All of our writers are highly qualified and have undergone many tests to ensure they are capable of writing non-plagiarised works. This is also revised on the basis of how they perform with current essay tasks; this is why we are confident in our writers, and you should be too. You should only look at our levels of customer satisfaction to know that our guarantees are for real. Most of our customers are even second time users, which, in itself proves that we must be genuine. So, try it for yourself today. Get in touch with and put your worries behind you, you won’t be disappointed!

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